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NRL Refusing To Have Face-To-Face Meeting With Israel Folau

NRL Refusing To Have Face-To-Face Meeting With Israel Folau

The former Wallaby was recently linked with a move to the St. George Dragons but the NRL has distanced itself from the rumours.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

In Israel Folau's perfect world, he was envisioning setting up a meeting with the NRL that would have seen him awarded with a six-figure contract at the click of his finger tips.

But as we've all come to realise, most things that come out of Folau's mouth are pretty meaningless.

So when reports emerged that he'd personally reached out to the NRL requesting a crisis meeting, the sport's governing body were quick to shut it all down.

It's no surprise to hear that the NRL has delivered Folau with a resounding "no" answer after he pleaded for a face-to-face chat in a bid to get his sporting career back on track.

Israel Folau.

Reports emerged last month that the St. George Illawarra Dragons had registered their interest in signing the former Wallaby.

But when the public (and the Dragons' major sponsors and shareholders) caught wind of the rumours, the team quickly distanced itself from the talk.

Clearly the risk of damaging their image or losing sponsors due to opposition with Folau's strong beliefs will be a big deciding factor in what sports club takes a punt on Folau this season.

And with this at the forefront of their thinking, the NRL have now confirmed they are refusing to speak to Folau directly unless a team formally lodges an application to sign him.

So with that being said, the ball now is now firmly in the clubs' court if they fancy taking the risk.

But according to The Sydney Morning Herald, none of them are too keen anyway.

The NRL's strong stance, which can only be applauded, stems directly from their leader.

Chairman of the Australia Rugby League Commission Peter V'landys has never shied away from giving his opinion on Folau and whether or not he had a future in the NRL.

"The game is inclusive. Israel's comments are not inclusive," V'landys said when Folau had his contract terminated by Rugby Australia back in 2019 following a series of homophobic social media posts.

Peter V'landys.

"When I was a kid and kids used to get bashed up because they were different, I used to go and defend them. And a lot of them, it's because their role models or their peers made them that way.

"I have no tolerance for people that put other people's lives (at risk) or (commit) violence. It's a big statement to make. With due respect to Israel, what he says, young kids listen too. He is a role model. They act on it. And when you're a kid at school and you get bashed up because you're different, I don't think that's a good thing."

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