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Former Supercars Driver Turned OnlyFans Star Renee Gracie 'Feels Like Trump' After Being Blocked On Instagram

Former Supercars Driver Turned OnlyFans Star Renee Gracie 'Feels Like Trump' After Being Blocked On Instagram

It's understood the Aussie had over 750,000 followers on her account before it was deactivated.



By Stewart Perrie

Renèe Gracie received a lot of attention last year when it was revealed she had set up an OnlyFans account.

The history-making former V8 Supercars driver was making tens of thousands of dollars a week selling X-rated content, with a lot of her subscribers coming from Instagram.

But the native Queenslander has been shocked to find she's not able to log into her account that boasts more than 750,000 followers.

The 26-year-old told the Daily Mail: "I just woke up and I can't log in [to Instagram]. They haven't given me any reason which I think is the hardest thing."

"I was cautious with the things I was saying in my comments. The photos I was uploading. All that sort of stuff.

"The work we're doing isn't illegal. If we were drug dealers or something I get it. Our stuff isn't worse than what companies are uploading with girls in bikinis."

7News reports the Instagram ban could have been because she was using the platform to sell explicit content, which a lot of OnlyFans users do.

While there will be many who will say 'so what?', the move could cost Renèe dearly because she's not able to get new subscribers. Some will probably still say 'so what?'.

Instagram/Renee Gracie
Renee Gracie.

"It will impact me financially in some areas," Renèe said. "[For some girls] Five, ten to $15,000 dollars a month easily. It would be devastating for people who lost their accounts."

She told the Daily Telegraph: "I feel like Donald Trump. When I told my Dad I had been banned he said 'you've done Donald Trump' and I said I'm not inciting violence - make love not war.

"(Trump) is an example of how these social media platforms are starting to take responsibility. The last week has proven that."

In 2015, Renèe partnered with Simona de Silvestro in a Ford FG X Falcon for the Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercar race, which was the first all-female pairing since Melinda Price and Kerryn Brewer in 1998.

However after a string of poor results in 2017 and a difficulty in finding funding, Gracie was replaced with another driver. Looking for a new career, the 26-year-old was making some coin at a local car yard when she stumbled on the adult app.

In her first week, she made $3,000, however Renèe's built up such a following that she claimed to have made $500,000 in one month. She reckons she has saved up enough money to think about returning to the track, alongside her new career.

However, she thinks that the organisation might not take her back after her OnlyFans work became common knowledge. She anticipates that she may not be welcomed back to the Super2 development series or Supercars endurance races.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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