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Olympic Gold Medallist Gets 'Mansplained' On How To Hold A Gun Properly

Max Sherry


Olympic Gold Medallist Gets 'Mansplained' On How To Hold A Gun Properly

Olympic gold medalist Vitalina Batsarashkina has been hilariously critiqued by keyboard warriors.

Despite being an absolute champion in her chosen sport, it seems like people on social media have a better idea of how she should be competing.

An image of the Russian athlete was uploaded to Twitter showing her 'relaxed' stance in the air pistol event.

While this is standard for most professional shooters, many on the internet were worried the Olympian could get injured for not following standard shooting advice.

The original post was seemingly pointing out how chilled and casual Vitalina looked while she was competing on the world stage.

However, the picture was quickly highjacked by mansplainers who wanted to give Ms Batsarashkina a few tips on gun etiquette.

One person wrote: "Does it look cool? Yes. Will their wrist shatter the moment they fire? Absolutely."

Another added: "Not only are you going to have a broken wrist or nose, you're also gonna have to deal with the fact you one handed that gun for no reason other than to be bold."

A third said: "That will have a huge recoil there's a reason why people tell you to hold the gun with two hands."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

If you look at photos of all the other air pistol competitors at the Tokyo Games you'll see many, if not all, have the same or a similar stance.

In fact, it's actually a rule in the 10m air pistol event that you have to shoot one handed. What you do with your other hand is up to you.

Thankfully, there were plenty of people who know Vitalina was doing exactly what she was meant to.

A Twitter user wrote: "When you're shooting as precisely as that, your heartbeat throws off your aim. So they stand as relaxed as possible and still maintain a firm stance."

Another said: "I love all the comments critiquing the stance of an Olympic level shooter. It's very much a 'tell me your knowledge of guns comes from video games and movies without telling me your knowledge of guns comes from video games and movies' situation."

A third added: "Guys chill these are air guns, not real guns. Yes this tech would be garbage for real shooting, but this is Olympic shooting. The stance is meant to keep the shooter as relaxed and still as possible, not control recoil."

Vitalina ended up winning gold in the women's 10m air pistol and a silver in the mixed event.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Max Sherry
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