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NFL Star Bets His Super Bowl Ring That He'd Beat Usain Bolt In A Race

NFL Star Bets His Super Bowl Ring That He'd Beat Usain Bolt In A Race

He clearly fancies himself as a bit of a speedster – and when you see his highlights, you can see why.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Tyreek Hill genuinely fancies his chances in a race against Olympic legend Usain Bolt.

The NFL wide receiver has called out the Bolt to a sprint once again, this time upping the odds even more by putting his Super Bowl ring on the line.

Tyreek Hill.

Speaking in a video interview with TMZ, Hill seemed deadly serious too.

"Hey Usain Bolt, lemme tell you something, man," he said.

"You see this Super Bowl ring right here? When I beat you, I'm going to have a gold medal round my neck too, just to go with all this jewellery.

"Right now, it's getting kind of personal. Right now, it's about my ego right now. Because I feel like he just tried me.

"First of all, my momma always told me you never let nobody talk trash to you if they're wearing a tight shirt like that. Like, his Puma shirt was choking him. I'm not fitting to allow that to happen."

Usain Bolt.

What Hill is referring to is a recent interview Bolt conducted with TMZ where he would be willing to put one of his many Olympic gold medals on the line - but only if Hill threw his Super Bowl ring in the mix too.

Well, Kansas City Chiefs star Hill is more than willing to accept, it seems.

"I'm down with whatever at this point," Hill added.

"We can go and race in Walmart parking lot and do it for charity.

"Usain Bolt, you got my number, you got my Instagram and all that information.

"You and me can just figure this out. Me and you can just meet at a local high school. I can come to Jamaica. We can get it poppin' on the YouTube. Huh? You got me fired up to race now."

By calling out the fastest man in history, Hill is clearly confident in his own ability.

But there's good reason why the NFL speedster backs himself.

Not only is his route running unbelievable, but he's also widely regarded as the quickest player in the NFL over most distances.

The moment which stands out most is when one of his Chiefs teammates slips through the defence and runs through to score a superb solo touchdown.

But as the teammate is about to score, Hill suddenly emerges at the bottom of the screen and catches up to him effortlessly, without even really breaking into a full-pelt sprint.

Hill really is rapid, but is he Usain Bolt rapid? Probably not, if truth be told.

Featured Image Credit: PA/TMZ

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