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Angry Rockets Fans Leave 1-Star Reviews For James Harden's Houston Restaurant

Angry Rockets Fans Leave 1-Star Reviews For James Harden's Houston Restaurant

Some of the reviews are so savage but kind of creative at the same time.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

James Harden's departure from Houston hasn't gone down well with the locals.

Not only did the whole ordeal seem to drag on for months, but his parting comments to top it all off has left a bitter taste on the mouths of Rockets fans.

And staying on the topic of 'taste', it seems Texas natives aren't too fond of Harden's Houston-based restaurant either.

Despite not even opening its doors to the public yet, some Rockets fans have used the restaurant's review section on Google as an opportunity to take aim at Harden himself - and some of the assessments are absolutely brilliant.

One fuming fan wrote: "Literal trash just like James harden."

While another said: "Owner doesn't know how to cook it up in the court."

But perhaps the most creative (and most in-depth) review came from someone else.

They wrote: "Toxic owner, food just never comes out finished. definitely a choking hazard. Owner walked out on the chefs he brought in himself. Wouldn't touch this place with a 4 mile long pole."

Despite being traded to the Brooklyn Nets, Harden's Houston steakhouse restaurant - simply named 'Thirteen' after his jersey number - is still set to open later this month.

But judging by the early pre-launch reviews, the 2017/18 NBA MVP should probably think about selling it off.

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