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LeBron James Refusing To Engage With Donald Trump's Antics Ahead Of US Presidential Election

LeBron James Refusing To Engage With Donald Trump's Antics Ahead Of US Presidential Election

LeBron James is well and truly done with Donald Trump and has shut down the president ahead of the election next month.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Like many big-name sports stars, it appears LeBron James isn't the biggest Donald Trump fan.

And the recently-crowned NBA champion is refusing to rise to Trump's antics ahead of the 2020 US Presidential election.

But more importantly, LeBron is adamant on getting people to go out and vote.

Just weeks after clinching his fourth NBA ring, the Los Angeles Lakers megastar has turned his attention to his recently-established 'More Than a Vote' campaign.

The movement, which has gained huge attention since its launch, aims to overcome black voter suppression while working alongside high-profile African American athletes and artists.

And according to reports, the campaign already has 10,000 volunteers signed up to be poll workers on the big day.

With some huge names already onboard, the lobby is starting to take off.

Racial tensions in the US have increased drastically since the death of George Floyd in May, but Trump hasn't exactly tried to defuse the situation.

Rather than rallying behind the Black Lives Matter movement, the president has seemingly done the opposite after publicly labelling it as a 'symbol of hate' - on top of many other things he has said and done to get under people's skin.

Unsurprisingly, his handling of the growing tensions hasn't sat well with some of the American public - including LeBron who is urging people to go out and vote.

LeBron James of the LA Lakers.

The Twitter-hungry president hasn't held back in recent weeks and even said that BLM protests are 'hurting the black community'.

He also reminded everyone that the series between the Lakers and Miami Heat had recorded the lowest viewing figures for an NBA Finals in recent years.

But instead of rising to the bait, LeBron is refusing to be suckered in.

"You know, there's so many stats out there, you can see it every time. Who didn't vote? What counties didn't vote? What communities didn't vote? And a lot of that has had to do with our Black people," he told the New York Times.

"So, hopefully, we can get them out and educated and let them understand how important this moment is.

"I don't go back and forth with anybody. And I damn sure won't go back and forth with that guy. But we want better, we want change in our community. We always talk about, 'We want change' and now we have the opportunity to do that."

The election itself is scheduled for Tuesday November 3.

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