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The New NBA 2K Ratings Have Been Released And Some Of The Players Are Absolutely Fuming

The New NBA 2K Ratings Have Been Released And Some Of The Players Are Absolutely Fuming

Some of the biggest names in the NBA have already taken to social media to voice their concerns with various ratings.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Yes, it's that time of the year again when NBA 2K release their updated player ratings ahead of the release of the new video game.

And, as you can probably imagine, not everyone is happy.

Producers of the game have been hit with a barrage of complaints from fans as well as the players themselves who aren't best pleased with the ratings.

One NBA star who seemed particularly unhappy was Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young.

Despite averaging 25 points, 9 assists and 4 rebounds per game in 2020-2021, Young still only managed an 89 overall rating - just two more than his score from last season.

And in his eyes, it should have been higher.

Upon seeing his rating, he tweeted: "Feel like we do this every year... y'all ever gonna get it right?! #CantPlayItYet"

But it seems he wasn't the only one who thought the ratings were a bit, shall we say, off.

When it was unveiled that future Hall of Famers Steph Curry and Kevin Durant were awarded a 96 overall rating each, NBA megastar LeBron James weighed in.

"Nah! Should be 99!" He tweeted back.

This certainly wouldn't be the first time that fans and players have complained about the new video game ratings.

Every year at least one big-name baller takes issue with their updated rating - even if it's a slight improvement from their last one.

You have to admit, being the video game producer who decides the overall ratings of some of the biggest athletes on the planet must be a tricky job.

The ratings for the entire NBA roster is yet to be released, but you can check out the ones that have below...


LeBron: 96

Durant: 96

Giannis: 96

Steph: 96

Embiid: 95

Jokic: 95

Kawhi: 95

Luka: 94

Harden: 94

Lillard: 94

Candace: 93

Tatum: 90

Trae: 89

Zion: 89

Khris: 88

Jrue: 85

LaMelo: 84

Featured Image Credit: PA

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