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Aussie MMA Fighter's Leg Instantly Breaks After Copping Devastating Calf Kick

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Aussie MMA Fighter's Leg Instantly Breaks After Copping Devastating Calf Kick

GRAPHIC WARNING: If you're squeamish, look away now.

Calf kicks have become an effective weapon inside the mixed martial arts octagon in recent years.

The technique of relentlessly targeting that one specific area on the outer leg with perfect precision can even cause compartment syndrome due to the trapped nerves and swelling.

To put it simply, it f***ing hurts.


I mean, just ask former dual-division UFC champion Conor McGregor who was recently on the receiving end of Poirier's brutal kicks.

Randall Ray is crowned champion. Credit: Instagram/@urbanfightnight
Randall Ray is crowned champion. Credit: Instagram/@urbanfightnight

The main aim of the crippling kicks is to try and debilitate an opponent's movement, so we rarely see the move actually result in a clean breakage of the leg.

Until now, it seems.


Heavyweights Dean Maxwell and Randall Ray were going toe-to-toe in the Urban Fight Night 24 main event in Sydney, Australia when something truly freakish occurred.

With the title on the line, the two fighters came out firing and exchanged blows early in the first round.

And with just 20 seconds of the fight gone, Ray struck his opponent with a calf kick that connected on the inside of Maxwell's right leg.

Looking back, Maxwell appeared to have done well by checking the kick.


The kick looked fairly innocuous at the time, but Maxwell quickly realised it was far from it.

As he went to plant his right foot back onto the canvas, his entire lower leg completely gave way and buckled under his body weight.

Unable to keep his balance, Maxwell hit the deck and was immediately swarmed on by Ray.


Thinking fast, the referee quickly realised that Maxwell was injured and did a brilliant job of ensuring he didn't take any more unnecessary damaged while on the floor.

Ray, who is conveniently-nicknamed 'The Limb Reaper', wheeled away in celebration and was congratulated by his corner.

But as the cameras focused back on Maxwell, the severity of his nasty injury was quickly realised as his calf looked completely out of place why he received treatment.


We've seen something similar to this in the UFC before.

Mixed martial arts legend Anderson Silva famously broke his leg during his middleweight title fight against Chris Weidman in a freak accident which left the Brazilian out of action for over a year.

Only in Silva's case, he was the one doing the kicking - not receiving one.

Featured Image Credit: Urban Fight Night

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