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Michael Jordan's Reason For Why He Loves Golf So Much Proves Just How Competitive He Really Is

Max Sherry


Michael Jordan's Reason For Why He Loves Golf So Much Proves Just How Competitive He Really Is

It's no secret that Michael Jordan is a pretty competitive dude.

I mean, it's what made him great, right?

But we often wonder how a sports megastar of his stature still stimulates his winning needs and keeps his competitive juices nicely topped up even after retirement from basketball.

Well, the answer being is that you find another sport (ideally a bit less physically demanding), that's how.

Even if you didn't get round to watching 'The Last Dance' documentary, MJ's love for golf is fairly well documented.

Even during his time in the NBA, the six-time champion often enjoyed a round or two on the course to take the edge off.

Only Jordan's games weren't exactly relaxing and the stakes, whether it be betting or for bragging rights, were always high.

Now, the 58-year-old has given an insight into why he loves the game of golf so much - and it proves that those competitive juices are still running through he veins, even to this day.

The fascinating interview with NBA star Steph Curry shows that MJ, to put it simply, is just wired differently to the rest of us.

"I mainly got into golf because, from a competitive standpoint, to me, it is the hardest game to play," Jordan told Curry during their chat the Golf Channel.

"I can always respond to an opponent (in basketball), a defensive guy or an offensive guy or whatever, but in golf it's like playing in a mirror.

"You're battling yourself consistently to try and get perfection. Every swing, every putt.

"For a competitive person, this game keeps me sane because when I walked away from the game of basketball, that was enough to keep my competitive juices working. Now that I don't have that game, this is the game."

Curry and Jordan, who have nine NBA rings between them, also delved into their hatred of losing - whether that be on the basketball court or golf course.

"Losing is just the worst feeling in life, at anything," Curry said.

"Cards. Golf. Basketball. Whatever it is."

To which MJ replied: "I hate losing. I mean, it's not even a question. But I do respect losing, because losing is a part of winning. You're never going to just win. You've got to lose to win."

It's the elite mentality of a champion and one that clearly isn't fading anytime soon for MJ.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/GolfChannel/PA

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Max Sherry
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