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Ikea Release 'Cristiano' Water Bottles After Ronaldo's Coca-Cola Stunt

Ikea Release 'Cristiano' Water Bottles After Ronaldo's Coca-Cola Stunt

Well played, Ikea. Well played.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Ikea have come up with a genius marketing ploy following Cristiano Ronaldo's recent Coca-Cola stunt.

The popular Swedish appliances and furniture giants have released a reusable glass water bottle called 'CRISTIANO'.

Cristiano Ronaldo.

The bottle is valued at $1.99 and is a clear nod to the incident where Ronaldo singlehandedly wiped $4billion off Coca-Cola's share value by removing two bottles of the fizzy drink from his Euro 2020 press conference.

The Portuguese forward then subtly replaced them with a bottle of water, urging viewers to "drink agua" instead.

This move alone sent social media (and the stock market) into an absolute frenzy.

From there, we started seeing more and more players doing similar things during their media obligations.

French World Cup winner and practicing Muslim Paul Pogba chose to remove beer bottles from his table, while Ukraine star Andriy Yarmolenko encouraged brands to endorse him by making sure all the products were visible on camera.

Now Ikea have jumped on board with their new water bottle, taking to social media to announce the release of the product.

"Drink water, sustainably @cristiano #Euro2020," the caption for Ikea's Instagram post read.

Unsurprisingly, the creative move went down a treat with glassware (or Ronaldo) connoisseurs around the globe showing their support.

One person commented: "Give your marketing team a raise."

While another added: "This is quick, clever marketing."

Ikea are clearly riding the viral wave in order to sell a few more of their iconic glass bottles - but hey, you've got to respect clever marketing.

Featured Image Credit: PA/IKEA

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