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Heart-In-Mouth Moment As Lando Norris Comes Agonisingly Close To Hitting F1 Track Marshal

Heart-In-Mouth Moment As Lando Norris Comes Agonisingly Close To Hitting F1 Track Marshal

The Bahrain Grand Prix was marred by Romain Grosjean's horrific crash.

It was a truly, truly awful incident that left the F1 community holding their collective breath for the Frenchman's safety.

But there was another close call on the night that slipped under everybody's radar - and thank god it didn't end in disaster.


Following a malfunction to Sergio Perez's Racing Point car, the yellow flags were brought out.

The rest of the cars ultimately slowed down as they were instructed to.

But as McLaren driver Lando Norris slightly accelerated down the straight, a marshal casually strolled across the track and narrowly missed the oncoming Brit.

Scary POV footage from Norris' car revealed just how close the two came to colliding.


And while Norris was going slower than usual due to the yellow flags, it certainly wouldn't have been a pretty sight had of hit the marshal or swerved off course into the circuit barriers.

The audio from the McLaren team radio captured his sheer shock.

"There's a guy f***ing running across the track!" he said to his team.

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"That's the bravest guy I've ever seen."


To which the McLaren pit replied: "Brave or stupid?"

F1 Driver Lance Stroll Came Agonisingly Close To Hitting A Track Marshal

F1 Driver Lance Stroll Came Agonisingly Close To Hitting A Track Marshal

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It's understood the track marshal was attempting to extinguish the fire from Perez's car, but in doing so had risked his life by crossing the track into oncoming traffic.

His failure to obey strict FIA instructions has since landed him in hot water with officials.


As for Norris, he's just happy that an accident was avoided.

"I panicked because it was the last thing I was expecting, the guy didn't look left or right before he crossed the road," he said.

"It was a double yellow and I was going slow enough because there was no point in risking anything at all.

"It wasn't the most visible guy because at that point I'm looking at the sky, he's wearing pretty much black or dark blue and it wasn't that easy to see. All I kind of saw was a bouncing extinguisher.


"It wasn't lucky, just a bit of a crazy moment. The guy had some balls on him so fair play."

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