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British Bloke Cops Online Abuse From Indian Cricket Fans Confusing Him With Aussie Captain Tim Paine

British Bloke Cops Online Abuse From Indian Cricket Fans Confusing Him With Aussie Captain Tim Paine

Tim PAYNE was confused when he started receiving hundreds of messages from people questioning his batting technique and leadership skills.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Tim Paine copped plenty of backlash for some of his antics during Australia's Test against India.

The Aussie captain's war-of-words with Ravi Ashwin saw him come under fire from ex-players, pundits and cricket fans alike as India ran away with the series on the final day.

But it seems it wasn't just Tim Paine on the receiving end of all the criticism.

And no, we're not talking about the other 10 players in the Australian team.

Tim Paine.

One random British bloke has found himself in the firing line after Indian cricket supporters mistook him for Australian wicket-keeper and skipper Tim Paine.

Tim Payne woke up one cold January morning in the UK to find that he was being trolled on social media as cricket tragics bombarded his inbox and sprayed him in the comments section on his posts.

After receiving hundreds of messages of banter and abuse from a bunch of strangers, Tim had no choice but to issue a statement on Instagram asking the trolling to stop.

"The Indian cricket fans need to allow me, thinking I'm the Australian cricket captain 'Tim Paine'," he said on his story.

"As IG has mistaken me for him and he doesn't seem to have socials I receive all the backlash for his antics against India.

"Over 600+ message requests and constant spam on comments on my photos. Some very interesting ones. Here's some highlights..."

The poor bloke then proceeded to post screenshots of the messages he received - some being kind of funny, and others definitely not so.


Tim then gave an update, saying: "I'm indirectly, currently the most hated man in the whole of India. Safe to say I've never hated cricket more."

He seems to have handled it all pretty well, but still.

Poor guy.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@timpayne_

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