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Fans Accuse Tyson Fury Of Cheating In Deontay Wilder Trilogy After Learning Of Elbow Injections

Fans Accuse Tyson Fury Of Cheating In Deontay Wilder Trilogy After Learning Of Elbow Injections

The Gypsy King's father has revealed that Fury was suffering "unbearable" pain in his elbows and needed numbing injections for the fight.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

It has been revealed that Tyson Fury had to have injections in both elbows before his trilogy bout with Deontay Wilder, leading for some boxing fans to label him as a "cheat".

According to the Gypsy King's father John, Fury was suffering from "unbearable" pain in his elbows ahead of the WBC heavyweight title and required injections which numbed them.

"To be honest, it wasn't a boxing match, was it," John Fury told BT Sport.

"Because Tyson was very bad injured going into that fight.

"He had to have chromosome injections in both elbows. Both elbows were numb and he's since had an operation. Six hours, all day in the hospital sorting out his elbows.

"I think he had some bone spurs which had to get removed, a common thing in sportsman, especially boxers. He was handicapped from the beginning."

At first, news of these injections surely makes Fury's knockout victory over Wilder even more impressive, right?

Well, not in the eyes of some, it seems.

A select few boxing fans appear skeptical of the jabs, some conspiracy theorists even claiming that he "cheated" and that the injections are technically a "steroid".

Big John said that the injury was so bad that Fury was still massively handicapped during his grudge match with Wilder last month - even with the numbing injections.

In particular, the heavyweight champ didn't feel comfortable throwing his usually-snappy jab.

John added: "He said, 'I couldn't box, I couldn't work my jab.' He said, 'If I missed with the jab the pain, it would've put me in limp mode. I wouldn't be able to fight.'

"He said, 'The pain when I was throwing the jab, it was unbearable. So I was fighting two people in there. I was fighting the pain in my own body and him.'

"So he said, 'The only thing I can do is get close and make a war of it.' He said, 'I know I wanted to win more than him.'

"And that was it, he said, 'Seek and destroy or be destroyed.' That was me motto, he said. He either gets me or I get him.

"He said, 'It all went out of the window in the fifth round when I got the knockdown.'

"He said, 'I looked up and thought, 'Here we are again. Dog fight mode. This is where I gotta go. Trench warfare.'

"And he was in there. And he was prepared to do that for as long as it took. And thank God that he was the winner."

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