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Our Candid Assessment Of Every Horse’s Name Running In This Weekend’s Golden Eagle

Our Candid Assessment Of Every Horse’s Name Running In This Weekend’s Golden Eagle

If you’re the type of punter who picks a winner based on its name, then we’ve got the perfect thing for you!

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Most punters will go through some extensive research and in-depth analysis of each runner when it comes to picking their racing multis.

Some, on the other hand, opt for a slightly easier approach.

For those of you who like picking a winner based on its name, we've got the perfect breakdown for you.

Here, we've scanned over and dissected each horse's nickname running in this weekend's Golden Eagle. Enjoy!

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1. Private Eye

Sounds a bit like an old James Bond movie from the 70s. Shaken or stirred?

2. I'm Thunderstruck

One for all the AC/DC fans out there.

3. Aegon

If a courageous main character in a blockbuster fantasy drama television series is your kinda thing...

4. Apache Chase

Immediately made us think of Brad Pitt as Aldo The Apache in Quentin Tarantino's movie Inglorious Basterds.

5. Aysar

Not the computer, no?

6. Aim

Me at the start of race day: aiming for the stars.

Me at the end of race 1: chasing my losses.

7. Amish Boy

No surprises what this reminds us of - get your dungarees on, that barn won't go up on its own.

8. Exoboom

Booooom! Here comes the BOOOOM! You know, that one song that appears on every high school rugby highlights video?

9. Ellsberg

Sounds like a beautiful Scandinavian town with green grass, incredible mountain views and a waterfall. Come on Qantas, get me there right now.

10. Love Tap

The gentle tap on someone's body as a show of praise or affection. Looking forward to a couple of these from my mates this Saturday when I get up on the punt.

11. Count De Rupee

Sounds like something a robber would say to their fellow thief after they'd just done a bank job somewhere in India.

12. Laws Of Indices

My year 10 maths teacher once said, "if you want to do well in the HSC, don't do Maths as one of your subjects". Even after Googling "indices", I haven't got the slightest idea what it is. I understand what my high school teacher meant now...

13. Maximal



Of or constituting a maximum; as great or as large as possible. I.e. "the maximal speed"... after all that, let's hope he's actually quick.

14. Reve De Vol

Being an Irish horse, I tried to say this name out loud in a Conor McGregor-style accent. Let's just say I got a few funny looks from everyone on the bus.

15. Forbidden Love

Old-school Madonna song. Absolute banger.

16. Vangelic

Reminded us that we haven't watched Chariots Of Fire for a while. Classic.

17. Media Award

Something I can only hope and dream of.

18. Atishu

Not gonna lie, I'll be so glad to see the back end of hay fever season... ba dum tss, I'm here all week folks!

Featured Image Credit: TAB/Twitter

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