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Incredible simulation shows how many animals Usain Bolt can run faster than

Incredible simulation shows how many animals Usain Bolt can run faster than

Usain Bolt is faster than any other human over 100 metres - but how many animals can he beat at top speed?

An incredible simulation has shown just how many animals Jamaican 100 metre world record holder Usain Bolt can run faster than.

Bolt set the world record at the 2009 World Athletics Championships, running the 100 metre final in a staggering 9.58 seconds.

In the process, the eight-time Olympic gold medalist broke his own record of 9.69, which he had set in the Olympic final at Beijing 2008 a year earlier.

Over the years, fans of the sprinter have produced several simulations to see how he would stack up against your average person, top sports stars and even animals.

And while a 100 metre race between Bolt and an average human being is, quite frankly, pretty comical, Usain Bolt against a cheetah blows that out of the water.

Take a look below.

Bolt versus a greyhound - the world's fastest dog - is a slightly closer affair, although the animal still triumphs.

But there are a number of animals that the Jamaican would beat over 100 metres - as proven in the below video created by Business Insider.

Bolt manages to outsprint a pig (which has a top speed of 11mph, according to the video), while he's also faster than a squirrel (12mph) and elephant (15mph).

Next up is the lesser-spotted roadrunner (20mph), which also trails behind the world record holder.

The stakes are then upped when Bolt is put next to a Jack Russell terrier (25mph), but he still prevails.

Bolt's official top speed over his 2009 record run was capped at 27mph, meaning he's just narrowly slower than a car driving in a 30mph speed zone.


As well as his 100 metre exploits, Bolt also holds the world record for the 200 metres, with his blistering time of 19.19 seconds - only 0.03 slower than his 100 metre time doubled - set at the same World Championships in 2009.

And the 4 x 100 metre relay world record was set by Bolt and Jamaica team-mates Nesta Carter, Michael Frater and Yoann Blake, who ran the race in a combined time of 36.84 at the London 2012 Olympics.

Featured Image Credit: Getty / YouTube/Business Insider

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