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Video captures the moment marathon runner goes for sh*t in stranger's garden

Video captures the moment marathon runner goes for sh*t in stranger's garden

The sh*tty moment has been captured on video.

A marathon runner has gone viral on social media after he took a sh*t in a stranger's garden, with a video capturing the moment.

Over 30,000 runners took part in this week's Boston Marathon as one contestant stood out from the rest following his in-race antics.

Despite there being portable toilets on the 26.2-mile run, a person took matters into his own hands as he simply couldn't wait

He relieved himself in a stranger's garden, with a video of the sh*tty moment being caught on camera by the homeowner's doorbell cam.

The clip shows the runner squatting on the lawn before taking a dump. To make matters worse, not one but TWO people appear.

After taking a sh*t, he seems to return to the race.

Needless to say, the runner doing a number two sent social media wild as people made light of the indent.

One Twitter user wrote: "I think we've all had a moment like this."

A second tweeted: "Honestly I would have chosen a less well-kept yard."

A third joked: "This is what keeps me from running a marathon.. well that and the running part."

A fourth said: "Worst part for me is just the lack of wiping."

Another commented: "When u gotta go u gotta go."

Runner takes a sh*t. Image: Nest
Runner takes a sh*t. Image: Nest

It comes after a marathon runner was disqualified from a race after tracking data showed she used a CAR for part of the route.

The numbers revealed she hit a top speed of 35mph, which is far faster than Olympic sprint legend Usain Bolt.

Dr Zakrzewski said she was 'feeling unwell' as she apologised for her actions.

"When I got to the checkpoint I told them I was pulling out and that I had been in the car, and they said 'you will hate yourself if you stop'," she told BBC Scotland.

"I made sure I didn't overtake the runner in front when I saw her as I didn't want to interfere with her race.

"I made a massive error accepting the trophy and should have handed it back.

"I hold my hands up, I should have handed them back and not had pictures done but I was feeling unwell and spaced out and not thinking clearly."

Featured Image Credit: Nest

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