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Collingwood President Makes 'Appalling' Jordan De Goey Joke At AFLW Awards Night

Collingwood President Makes 'Appalling' Jordan De Goey Joke At AFLW Awards Night

Speaking to players, parents and officials at the awards night Browne tried to make fun of the Jordan De Goey saga.

Collingwood president Jeff Browne reportedly poked fun at the Jordan De Goey saga during the AFLW awards night – a move that went down like a lead balloon among those in attendance.

The Herald Sun reports that Browne made an ‘appalling and disrespectful’ joke about De Goey’s behaviour in a New York City bar in October of last year.

The 26-year-old was charged with downgraded harassment after forcibly touching a 35-year-old woman and assaulting a 37-year-old man. 

A cohort of female Collingwood players officially complained about the player’s behaviour to club officials following his arrest, however, that didn’t stop Browne from spurting out an ill-timed and rather innapropriate joke.

Speaking to players, parents and officials at the awards night - that happened on April 22 - Browne tried to make fun of the situation.

“I hear some of you girls are going overseas tomorrow,” he said.

“I have a message for you from Jordan De Goey: ‘Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do’.”

The report claims the joke was met with ‘disbelief, anger and awkward laughter’ from a majority female audience. 

A sponsor of the AFLW awards night told the news outlet: “It just shows that nothing has changed at Collingwood, they’ve learnt nothing, and it’s an issue from the top down.”

After complaints, the Pies revisited the video of the speech earlier this week, with Browne admitting he regretted the joke.

Browne said: “I made a comment at our best and fairest night which, in hindsight and given the events of the past week, using Jordan as a reference point was not a good example.

“At the time, we had a group of athletes heading overseas the following day and the only intention of my comments were to caution those athletes to not misbehave.’’

It appears the Pies aren’t the best at cautioning their players against ill behaviour as just last week the Pies and the AFL were again forced to condemn Jordan De Goey’s off-field behaviour.

De Goey copped a $25,000 suspended fine after a video of him partying in Bali and almost exposing a woman made the rounds.

He released a statement on Friday, saying: “This week has weighed pretty heavily on me and I thought I’d just wait until I’ve got a clear mind to come out and apologise for my actions and my behaviours - I don’t condone that behaviour at all, and I’ve got a lot of work (to do) moving forward.

“I’ve got a lot of important women in my life and I understand you need to show respect to women at all times. I’ve got a responsibility to the wider community and I need to keep working towards that.”

Featured Image Credit: Collingwood FC. Channel 7.

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