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AFL commentator’s brutal comments after Chris Rock sighting at Sydney Swans game

AFL commentator’s brutal comments after Chris Rock sighting at Sydney Swans game

Chris Rock was in attendance at the SCG with some taking the opportunity to quip some Will Smith-themed jokes at the comedian's expense.

Chris Rock took some time out of his Australian tour to catch some of the best footy that the country has to offer.

The comedian touched down in Sydney on Friday as part of his World Tour that has seen him play shows in Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Sydney, with further dates in Adelaide and Brisbane.

He managed to squeeze in a cheeky AFL game at the SCG on his day off in Sydney yesterday (August 14), and apparently, he’s a Swans fan.

The Hollywood star was spotted donning a red Swans cap as they took on Collingwood in a clash between two of the most in-form teams at this stage of the season. 

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The Sydney side took the opportunity to lap up any attention Chris Rock’s appearance would be getting and posted a photo of the comedian with a signed jersey onto their Twitter.

However, some were a bit more brutal in their welcoming of the 57-year-old.

Channel 7 commentator Brian Taylor left AFL fans in stitches when he took a tongue-in-cheek at Chris Rock’s more recent exploits.

Taylor said: “Famous face here Chris Rock, of course of Grown Ups fame and he just accepts a slap really well these days doesn’t he, Chris Rock.”

Chris Rock infamously copped a slap at the hands of Will Smith after the Madagascar voice actor had quipped a joke at Jada Pinkett Smith’s expense.

Rock suggested Jada resembled ‘GI Jane’ with Smith then walking up to the stage and shockingly landing a slap on Rock before heading back to his seat.

The jokes at Rock’s weren’t over yet, with fellow commentator Alister Nicholson joining in on the fun, however, he ensured there was a bit more of an AFL flavour on his joke.

He said: “I reckon in terms of A-listers he’s just behind Buddy Franklin in terms of No. 1 at the SCG today BT.”

I mean, fair enough, has Chris Rock kicked 1,000 goals in his career? I don’t think so. 

Rock proved to be a good luck omen for Buddy and his Swans side, with the forward kicking three goals on route to 77 to 50 victory.

The win pushes the Swans up to second position on the AFL ladder and snaps the Magpies’ 11-match winning streak.

Featured Image Credit: Sydney Swans/Twitter. AFL/Twitter.

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