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AFL Labelled ‘Embarrassing’ For Cross-Promotional Stunt With Manchester United Star Marcus Rashford

Jayden Collins

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AFL Labelled ‘Embarrassing’ For Cross-Promotional Stunt With Manchester United Star Marcus Rashford

The AFL has been slammed for their cross-promotional usage of Manchester United player Marcus Rashford.

Manchester United made the trip to Melbourne earlier this week ahead of tonight’s pre-season friendly against Melbourne Victory. 

As with any international sport or Hollywood star, the AFL lapped up the opportunity to pop a Sherrin footy in their hands and grab a sneaky picture to post on social media.

Well, this particular photo of Marcus Rashford has gone down horribly in the football community, who have blasted the AFL for their double standards and only supporting football when it comes to international attention. 

Outspoken football pundit Lucy Zelic tweeted: “Can someone tell me what the point of this is? Is Marcus suddenly going to switch codes and sign for an AFL side? Go and pat a koala, meet with proud members of our Indigenous communities and spend time with grassroots FOOTBALL clubs. This is just f**king embarrassing.”

She later added: “As a code, the AFL and its representatives have done nothing but s**t on football time and time again. Who could forget in 09’ when we bid for the WC and Demetriou refused to give up Etihad for an INTERNATIONAL tournament. Agreeing to be a part of this stupidity is just insulting.”

In a separate PR stunt, the United forward was rolled out into Marvel Stadium to take pictures with various sports stars from various Melbourne sides.

Former Football Australia communications manager Bonita Mersiades slammed the sentiment behind the photo, which will ultimately do nothing to benefit local football. 

She tweeted: “I find it cringeworthy that Marcus Rashford is rolled-out to do a photo call with a bunch of teams he’s likely never heard of.

“For what purpose? The benefit of the other teams? Are their supporters going to go to the exhibition match? And, bottom-line, will their supporters attend #ALeague games because they were photographed with Marcus Rashford? I know our football actually gets to play vs Rashford et al, but I wish our game didn’t feel the need to do this.”

Meanwhile, football presenter Adam Peacock had perhaps the most hilarious and tongue-in-cheek reaction to the debacle.

He tweeted: “Brilliant news. To commemorate the 100th picture of a footballer getting a picture with a Sherrin, Manchester United will play AFLX rules tomorrow night.

“Ten Hag, a big fan of the concept, has a plea for AFL House. ‘Bring it back. The world is ready,’ the Dutchman says.”

Football personalities weren’t the only ones in agreeance, with AFL reported Ned Balme also criticising the overused promo stunt. 

He tweeted: “I know the AFL likes to think content like this helps put it on a global platform, but it doesn’t.

“It makes our game look sad, desperate and overly reliant on other codes for any skerrick of international relevance.”

I’m sure Marcus Rashford will keep up with the results of finals footy come September. 

Featured Image Credit: AFL/Twitter.

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Jayden Collins
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