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King Woods Would "100 Per Cent" Do King Of The Ring vs Title With Roman Reigns

King Woods Would "100 Per Cent" Do King Of The Ring vs Title With Roman Reigns

Woods became King of the Ring at Crown Jewel last month.

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

King Woods has revealed he would jump at the chance to put his King of the Ring crown on the line for a shot at Roman Reigns' Universal Championship.

Woods became King of the Ring at Crown Jewel last month after defeating Finn Balor in Saudi Arabia.

Since then, he and Sir Kofi Kingston have been involved in a feud with Reigns and his Bloodline faction, featuring The Usos.

Friday on SmackDown saw Reigns place the King of the Ring crown on his head in a show of defiance.

Speaking exclusively to SPORTbible, former tag team champion Woods revealed he would be willing to put the crown on the line for another shot at Reigns.

When asked about Crown vs Title he immediately replied: "100 per cent. The only reason I got here was because I bet on myself. If I'm not confident enough to bet on myself I don't deserve to come that's plain and simple.

"Now would he do that? No. He's well aware that I've been eating champions for breakfast over the last six months. People don't want to put their titles on the line against me.

"I beat [former WWE Champion] Bobby Lashley in a non-title match and didn't get my title shot. I technically traded that title shot for a spot in the King of the Ring tournament and that paid off!


"All that has to happen is Roman open his mouth about a title opportunity and then I'm champion.

"It's very simple because I guy like Roman who has been on top for so long, champion for over 400 days, he is absolutely crushing it, he is the guy to beat right now.

"So many championships, so many WrestleMania main events, and that is why I want the chance to face him. Once I beat that guy, I absorb all that energy. He's great, but I'm better."

Becoming King of the Ring was a dream come true for Woods, who has tweeted about his love of the tournament for years.

Along with the new crown comes new theme music - which Woods is delighted about.

"I love it," he explained. "I've got Mega Ran and Sayzee rapping on the track, two of my favourites. I highly recommended listening to them. They're great. And the fact I debuted in 2013 - I was R-Truth's little friend and then I stole Brodus Clay's music which was also Ernest 'The Cat' Miller's music and then someone else's music and then I was in the New Day.

"So on the main roster I've never had my own theme music. It's a different kind of story because normally, for example, when Kurt Angle became King, when he debuted, he had his own theme music and his own titantron his own... carved out space for him.

"Same thing with Brock Lesnar, Owen Hart, Bret Hart, King Mabel... everyone had their shtick already. I essentially get to build my solo shtick while being King.


"That to me is something that hasn't really happened so the job currently is to be the best King possible because there are Kings who came before me who are incredible.

"My job is to take that knowledge, the fruit from that learning tree, and be better than they were.

"Hopefully the Kings that come after me when I've finished wrestling because let's be honest, there won't be another while I'm still wrestling, hopefully that King takes that knowledge and is better than all of us.

"That's the goal. If we're not getting better as a community of wrestlers, why are we doing this in the first place? If we're not pushing the next generation to be better than we were and hoping for that?

"You never learn everything in wrestling and I just want to continue to grow.

"I'm looking to do a bunch of ridiculous things to revamp what it means to be King. It doesn't just have to be one way. Hopefully in the next few months I get to share those things with you guys."

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