When Vince McMahon Tore Both His Quads Walking To The Ring

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When Vince McMahon Tore Both His Quads Walking To The Ring

The Royal Rumble has provided some incredible moments in WWE history but few are as surprising as the time Vince McMahon managed to tear both quad muscles on the way to the ring.

30 men enter the Royal Rumble every year, and for the past two years 30 women too, and 29 of them go over the top rope and their feet hit the ground. Or at least that's what's supposed to happen.

In 2005 it wasn't quite the case. John Cena and Batista were the last two men remaining, the two hottest superstars at the time, and no one knew who was going to win.

Batista picked Cena up for a Batista Bomb but both men fell backwards and landed on the ground at the same time, with two referees announcing the other man as the winner.


That brought WWE chairman Vince McMahon to the ring but the boss legitimately pulled both quad muscles in his legs getting into the squared circle and he had to berate the two superstars whilst sat on the floor in pain.

Vince was very annoyed with the whole situation and looked unimpressed as he sat leaning on the ropes, trying to decide what to do decide a winner.

Eventually the former ECW champion, yeah that was a thing, called for the match to continue with just the two men left in trying to throw one another over the top rope.


In the end it was Batista who was successful in thrown the leader of the Cenation over the top rope, with no question who had won this time.

Just in case you need convincing that whole thing wasn't staged, WWE don't show it in this video about Batista winning the match.

As the winner The Animal had the choice of which champion to face in the main event at Wrestlemania later that year.


He chose stablemate Triple H, after the World Heavyweight Champion had tried to trick him into picking JBL, and Batista went on to win the title at Mania.


Cena would go on to face JBL on the same night for the WWE Championship and he to was successful in winning the title. Both men went on to have incredible careers full on many highlights, in the ring and in Holywood.

For everything they've done though, Cena and Batista's most iconic moment might be chatting to a downed Vince McMahon in 2005.

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