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Every word from Erik ten Hag's press conference ahead of Manchester United vs Newcastle United in the Premier League

Every word from Erik ten Hag's press conference ahead of Manchester United vs Newcastle United in the Premier League

Read every word from Erik ten Hag's press conference ahead of Manchester United vs Newcastle United in the Premier League.

Erik ten Hag spoke to the press ahead of Manchester United's Premier League fixture against Newcastle United on Sunday.

Erik ten Hag spoke after Manchester United's 1-0 victory over Omonia in the Europa League, where Scott McTominay's extra-time winner gave the Red Devils a much-needed three points in Group E.

Every word from the press conference can be read here:

Are you confident that you have strikers or goal-scorers who will score 20 goals this season?

"Yes I am confident. In my teams there are players who will score. They come in the position and in the last part it’s also about the freedom from the player.

"The intuition, the space they have to take and when they have that feeling you will have players who when they have the talent, when they have the potential, they will score that number of goals. I think we have in our squad, we have the players who can score that number of goals.

"But they get also divided because we have many goal-scorers across the whole department, but I think you need also something from the midfield and defending department."

What difference does Scott McTominay’s goal make to that week ahead of three tough Premier League fixtures?

"I go always from game to game, and it gives another impetus on the team to believe I think. The spirit is already good but it will give a push in that spirit again and it will help the belief in the squad.

"But for the rest, we have to go game to game, and we’re going to be against tough opponents but we are really looking forward. They are really (good) tests for us as a squad to go in the battles and it delivers energy."

How highly do you rate Newcastle United?

"They do really well. I think it’s a team that can play in high intensity with a lot of energy so that makes it a tough opponent and we know we have to play our best to get the right result."

Do you know what your strongest midfield pairing is?

"Difficult to say in this moment, when they have to play longer together, but what’s important once again is that you need a squad. I think Fred played a good game tonight and he (did) really well in the counter-press; he wins a lot of balls. Unluckily, he didn’t score the goal.

"It was a really good move from him and he received the chipped ball, and (didn't score) the header. That’s the kind of impact he has to give to the team. But I think we have some combinations and in the midfield it’s always about balance. So I am happy with all four and I hope they keep going in this way."

What can you say to Marcus Rashford about his performance against Omonia on Thursday?

"He did a lot of things well, but finally, he knows that he has to be more clinical and he has to score a goal. When you have such good movements, when you have such good combinations, you have such good actions, then you have to finish. But I know sometimes it’s the game, it’s not your night, it’s the form of the day.

Marcus Rashford celebrates with Cristiano Ronaldo. (Alamy)
Marcus Rashford celebrates with Cristiano Ronaldo. (Alamy)

"But it can change to another game, because I think he is on a really good run and that proves the chances he creates. Now, in (the last) two games he’s a little bit unlucky. On Sunday he deserves a goal that they cancelled, and today he didn’t score and maybe it was maybe more by himself. So what I say is save it for the coming week.”

What is the latest team news?

"Anthony Martial can be (fit) but we have to wait how it develops in the coming hours. Harry Maguire will not make this (fixture), but it doesn’t take long, I think."

Will it be another couple of weeks for Maguire?

"No, no, no. I think that next week he will be back in the team training or over next week."

What can Manchester United fans expect from Antony?

"Development. I think we have seen a few now from his dribble capabilities, his speed. His finishing, also his creating, but now also he has to work on more variation. He is a player who can adapt quickly to a high level and is a player who likes challenges, and he needs the challenges. Every training for him is a challenge, every game is a challenge, and that will make the best out of him and he likes that.

"So I think there is really a lot of space for improvement with him, but I think he’s already at a really good level when you are the first player who scored in three in a row, three goals for Manchester United in all history. That already shows his potential."

Have the FA given you an idea of when there will be an outcome on Cristiano Ronaldo’s charge and whether he will be available for those games?

"No, I don’t know when the defence, when it will be. So we don’t have a timeline."

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