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Only one player in history has hit snooker's elusive 155 break on camera

Only one player in history has hit snooker's elusive 155 break on camera

Only one professional snooker player - who is on the edge of the top 32 - has ever filmed the rare 155 break.

Only one player in the history of professional snooker has scored a 155 break - and had it filmed at the same time.

Snooker's maximum break is always classed as a 147, as it is the most points you can score without an opponent error.

Prior to the 2024 World Open in China, a total of 201 maximum breaks had been compiled in professional tournament snooker, with Ronnie O'Sullivan holding the record for the most with 15.

Players can technically achieve a break of anything between 148 and 154, depending on whether or not the opponent commits a foul before an uninterrupted high break is then scored.

But the most points a snooker player can actually rack up without any direct involvement of the opponent is actually 155.

The break can only be achieved thanks to the free ball rule, which allows a player to nominate a different ball to pot if they are snookered on the object ball following a foul.

As a result, the player would have to nominate and pot the free ball - counting as one point - before potting the black as the colour and then compiling a maximum 147 break.

If you're wondering why you've never seen it occur in a televised tournament, that is because it has never happened.

But we do have evidence of a 155 break being made.

Thai cueist Thepchaiya Un-Nooh compiling snooker's 'alternative maximum' during a practice match at a local snooker club in 2021.

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh in action at the 2024 German Masters (

While a joyous Un-Nooh and those inside the club didn't believe the break had been caught on camera, the club's CCTV fortunately recorded the priceless footage.

It was then published to social media by former snooker professional Mike Dunn, who ran the club that hosted the spectacular achievement.

You can watch Un-Nooh's break below.

World number 33 Un-Nooh, who is one of the most entertaining players to watch on the circuit, compiled the break against Iranian star Hossein Vafaei, who is now in the top 16 of the snooker rankings.

While it is the first 155 break on camera, other players have been able to achieve the break before.

Jamie Cope, who was consistently ranked among the top 20 players as the 2000s turned into the 2010s, compiled a 155 break during a witnessed practice match in 2006. Unfortunately for the Staffordshire-born cueist, though, the feat wasn't filmed.

Current world number three Mark Allen also repeated the feat during a practice match in 2020, as per, but once again his achievement was not on camera.

And the legendary Alex Higgins is also said to have compiled a 155 break, as per various reports, although it has never been made clear as to when and where he did it.

Featured Image Credit: Getty / Mike Dunn/YouTube

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