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Ronnie O'Sullivan's fastest 147 and 'world's slowest break' compared in incredible split-screen footage

Ronnie O'Sullivan's fastest 147 and 'world's slowest break' compared in incredible split-screen footage

Incredible footage.

Split screen footage of Ronnie O'Sullivan's record-breaking 147 and a break he joked was the 'world's slowest break' has emerged online.

O'Sullivan set the world record for the fastest 147 ever recorded in 1997, compiling his maximum in just five minutes and eight seconds during the first round of that year's World Snooker Championship.

It has never been beaten - an indication of just how incredible the break was.

'The Rocket' went on to win his first World Championship in 2000, before winning his second in 2004.

He entered the 2005 event looking to go back-to-back - but lost 13-11 to Ebdon at the quarter-final stage.

Ebdon's slow play was highlighted as the match entered its closing stages, with the 2002 world champion stating after the match: "When I'm trying my hardest I seem to go slow. I don't do it intentionally."

The nine-time ranking event winner's style of play and fierce competitiveness made him a popular, and sometimes controversial, name during his time on the tour, before he retired in 2020 due to back problems.

But it was one break in particular during the match against O'Sullivan that has entered snooker folklore - Ebdon compiling a break of 12 in over five minutes.

In 2020, O'Sullivan joked (quotes via Eurosport): "I think Peter holds the record for the world's slowest break. It is just fantastic. I think we should have a memorial award for him.

"World Snooker should create an award for him titled 'The best worst slow break in the history of the game'. Ebbo would be proud of that."

O'Sullivan also added that he made his fastest 147 in around the same time as Ebdon's 12 break - and new split screen footage from X (Twitter) has proven that.

The two players start reasonably level, with Ebdon posting his first red around five seconds after O'Sullivan's opening shot.

But the gap then begins to open considerably. When Ebdon posts the brown to go up to five points, O'Sullivan reaches 33.

By the time O'Sullivan reaches the colours, Ebdon is on 12. He then misses an opportunity to pot the red - as his opponent smiles in his chair behind him.

And while the break has been the subject of various jokes over the years, the clip is evidence that there are different ways to win a snooker match - and Ebdon's 2002 World Championship, and win over O'Sullivan in 2005, shows he didn't do too badly.

Featured Image Credit: World Snooker / Anton Want/Allsport/Getty

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