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Ronnie O'Sullivan makes Golden Ball promise ahead of $1 million Saudi snooker tournament debut

Ronnie O'Sullivan makes Golden Ball promise ahead of $1 million Saudi snooker tournament debut

Ronnie O'Sullivan is playing at the inaugural Riyadh Season World Masters of Snooker, where a new Golden Ball has been introduced.

Ronnie O'Sullivan has made a Golden Ball promise ahead of his debut in the inaugural Riyadh Season World Masters of Snooker.

Following an opening ceremony where barely anyone was present, the tournament kicked off on Monday.

The event features ten of the world's best players, battling it out for an overall prize money fund of $1 million.

But there is an added incentive this time around as a new 'Golden Ball' has been added into the mix.

The 23rd ball is worth 20 points, meaning the maximum break is now 167 instead of the usual 147.

The ball is situated at the baulk cushion, can only be potted after the final black and is removed from the table if a player is unsuccessful.

The prize for being the first person to do it is a massive £395,000 and John Higgins gave it a go on day one but ultimately fell short on a break of 120 in his 4-2 win over Mark Williams.

O'Sullivan is in action on Tuesday, taking on Higgins in the quarter-final at Boulevard City.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

The seven-time world champion loves a challenge and has vowed to produce a Golden Ball maximum break.

Speaking to Eurosport, he said: "It doesn’t matter where they put that golden ball, I’m going to find it.

"Maximums, we’ve all done them, but to try and make a maximum and try and pot this golden ball and hopefully scoop up a big prize.

"I do like a challenge and I’ll certainly go for it because I think it’s great that the promoters have put on such a great event.

"It would be nice to succeed in potting the golden ball and making a 167 break.

"It would be a nice thank you to the promoters that have put on a good event."

'Rocket' has hit plenty of 147's in his illustrious career, including the fastest in history back in 1997.

He once purposely hit 146 because in protest at the prize money for 147 being just £10,000.

O'Sullivan has already posted a video of him practicing hitting the Golden Ball, showing he is not taking it lightly.

Featured Image Credit: X/ Ronnie O'Sullivan

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