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NRL star gets 'decked' by vicious right hook from Hasbulla

NRL star gets 'decked' by vicious right hook from Hasbulla

After decking the Bunnies player, TikTok megastar Hasbulla then proceeded to lay into him with some brutal ground-and-pound.

One NRL player got completely decked by Hasbulla after the viral internet sensation unleashed a deadly right hook which landed flush on the jaw.

Nah, just kiddin'.

The rugby league star was absolutely fine, but their interaction still made for brilliant viewing.

Social media megastar Hasbulla Magomedov is currently on his tour Down under and has been meeting a bunch of big-name stars on his travels.

Not only has be rubbed shoulders with Shaquille O'Neal on a super-yacht round Sydney Harbour, but he's also been lucky enough to chill out with some of our favourite rugby league players.

That's right, Hasbulla has made friends with a few NRL stars, including Canterbury Bulldogs winger Josh Addo-Carr.

Recently, he got to meet the entire South Sydney Rabbitohs team too and the TikTok fan favourite immediately called out Bunnies forward Keaon Koloamatangi.

"We've heard you're a bit of a fighter," Burgess told Hasbulla as he was introduced to the playing group.

"If you could take on anyone, who would you take on?"

Hasbulla then scanned the players, sizing them up one-by-one.

Then, without much hesitation, he picked out man mountain Koloamatangi.

Refusing to back down from the challenge, Koloamatangi emerged from the crowd and braced himself for a scrap with one of the greatest athletes to ever grace the earth.

After a quick face-off, Hasbulla produced the sort of right hook Oleksandr Usyk would have been proud of.

The punch dropped Koloamatangi but Hasbulla wasn't satisfied.

The Dagestani legend then proceeded to lay into his rival with some vicious ground-and-pound as Koloamatangi's Souths teammates cheered him on.

With his tail between his legs after copping a hiding, Koloamatangi then commented on Souths' Instagram video, saying: "Should’ve fed him tbh."

Earlier in the clip, he also clocked Cameron Murray with a lightning-quick jab during their jersey presentation.

If anyone doubted why the likes of Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have been so reluctant to get in the ring with Hasbulla, then this footage proves just how deadly he is.

South Sydney then presented the TikTok icon with a personalised championship belt to say thanks for paying them a visit.

All jokes aside, it's the sort of content we - as fans - love to see.

And fellow NRL supporters clearly feel the same way with the video racking up almost half-a-million views on Facebook alone.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/South Sydney Rabbitohs

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