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Rugby league star Cameron Murray accused of hiding his concussions

Rugby league star Cameron Murray accused of hiding his concussions

"I think he’s learned to disguise the effects of concussions."

South Sydney Rabbitohs captain Cameron Murray has been accused of hiding his concussions.

NRL 360 host Paul Kent has claimed that Murray has “learned to disguise the effects of concussions” during games in a bid to avoid being taken off the field.

For a player who has genuinely struggled with head knocks this season, these accusations are probably the last thing he wants to hear.

The Bunnies fan favourite has had his fair share of concussions over the past few months.

Murray was ruled out of State of Origin Game 3 within the first few minutes due to an accidental head clash.

He also suffered another knock to his noggin in the Round 25 against the Sydney Roosters, failing his Head Injury Assessment (HIA) on that occasion too.


And in his return fixture in Souths’ elimination final win over the Roosters, Murray appeared slightly dazed after collisions with Matt Lodge and Jared Waerea-Hargreaves.

Despite that, Murray managed to remain on the field.


Now Daily Telegraph journo Paul Kent believes the young star has learned to play down the effects of his concussions so that he isn't noticed by medical staff.

“I had concerns with him, I think he took a knock there and I think Cameron Murray, as brave as they come, I think he’s learned to disguise the effects of concussions,” Kent told NRL 360.

He added: “He’s not right, he wasn’t right and he got hit later in the game and again he stayed on his haunches the second time as if to say I need to just cop it.

“Look at his head there and I don’t want to bring attention to who has got hold of him there but it happened a bit later as well.

“He just stays on his haunches there which is the way to disguise it.

“It’s like when you see a boxer get hurt they always just sit on their knee, regather themselves as you know in boxing you can get up after five or six seconds, clear your head and off you go.

“I’ve got no doubt that Cameron Murray is still feeling the effects of concussion.”


Fellow NRL 360 panellist Phil Rothfield, who earlier this week said the game's record amount of sin-bins was a 'shocking advertisement' for rugby league, said he knew an 'easy way' to eradicate the issue at hand.

“I spoke to Professor Chris Levi a leading brain expert who said it’s time for the NRL to introduce a mandatory one week minimum stand down for concussion,” Buzz said.

“That would stop Mitchell Moses playing this week and take any risk out, it would stop Cameron Murray playing.”

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