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Fans question if table is straight after Ronnie O'Sullivan sinks 'strangest pot ever seen'

Fans question if table is straight after Ronnie O'Sullivan sinks 'strangest pot ever seen'

Ronnie O'Sullivan pulled off this remarkable shot when he beat Zhou Yuelong to reach the semi-finals of the UK Championship.

It was a shot that left commentator Dennis Taylor in a state of shock. "Oh! How did that red go in?" he asked. "That must have drifted because it hit the cushion. Wow. I think everybody thought that missed, including Ronnie. Dear me.”

This week, the imperious Ronnie O'Sullivan has showcased why he will go down as one of the greatest snooker players of all time, recordings wins over Anthony McGill, Robert Milkins, Zhou Yuelong and Hossein Vafaei on his way to Sunday's UK Championship final.

But even 'The Rocket' will agree that his 125 break in the first frame of his quarter-final match against Yuelong was a fortunate one.

As you can see from the footage below, seven-time world champion O'Sullivan sent his final red to the top left corner pocket and, like everyone at home, commentator Dennis Taylor was convinced the ball was going to hit the cushion rather than the pocket.

In fact, Taylor said "not quite" and was halfway through praising O'Sullivan for his blistering start when the red managed to somehow nestle into the pocket. Check out the moment below:

O'Sullivan would soon knock in the yellow before winning the frame with an impressive 125 break but the biggest talking point was that unusual red.

Steve Davis couldn't believe it went in, either. "It's a century that never was," he laughed. "Because this red was never in. It's actually interesting, it starts to go to the side cushion and then all of a sudden starts to bend around, hugs the cushion and then drops in.

"What it means is that it's very hard to get five pieces of slate and keep them level in a room where the table is just put in, because the table is very heavy and is forever settling. Even on a decent floor it's a nightmare for the table fitters to keep on every day to check the table."

Here's how social media reacted to the incident.

One fans said: "That's laughable. He's hit the cushion halfway up the table. Even the pool pros would be thinking that's not right," while another commented: "Actually one of the strangest pots I've seen on a snooker table."

A third wrote: "Table needs a beer mat under the top right leg," and a fourth said: "He's missed the pocket by a foot and it's dropped in."

A fifth added: "That is the Roberto Carlos of pots."

Image credit: BBC
Image credit: BBC

O'Sullivan, who would go on to record a convincing 6-2 victory over Hussein Vafaei in the semi-final, will face Ding Junhui in Sunday's showpiece event at the Barbican Centre, York.

Thoughts on the shot? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/UK Championship

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