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Green Power Ranger Explains He'd Knock Out CM Punk In 30 Seconds

Green Power Ranger Explains He'd Knock Out CM Punk In 30 Seconds

Jason David Frank, better known for his role as green Power Ranger in Power Rangers, has already worked out how he'd beat his dream fight opponent.

The American actor is also an MMA fighter, and has expressed plenty of desire to fight CM Punk (real name, Phillip Jack Brooks).

The fight, which currently has not been scheduled, could prove a likely future match if enough pressure is put on it - a little like Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor.

Previously, Frank had been vocal in expressing his thoughts about CM Punk's ambition. He critically questioned why Punk chose to have his MMA debut in the UFC (the highest level of MMA fighting).


"You don't need to go into the UFC to get credit," Frank had previously said. "Go to any cage. Start from the beginning like I started."

He added: "I hate people when they take shortcuts."


Frank, speaking at an event to a crowd of fans, was asked the question: "When you do finally face CM Punk, how are you going to defeat him in the first round?"

He replied: "He won't spark because I'm a Power Ranger and I make things spark. He won't grow into a big monster.

"Nobody will be 'make my CM Punk grow!' so that's not going to happen. I won't have the Dragon Dagger, it will just be old fashioned times.

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CM Punk Finally Responds To Logan Paul's Call Out For MMA Fight

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Despite all the bad words between the pair, Frank stated the rivalry is purely related to MMA and described CM Punk as a 'great guy'.

"This is just the fight world," he said. "And if people are like 'leave it alone' you can tell McGregor and Mayweather to leave each other alone then too.

"[I] haven't really thought about it, but right kick upside the head knockout within 28 seconds." Brutal!


Credit: Primo Nutmeg / YouTube

It'll be an interesting fight, with two MMA stars who made their original name elsewhere - Frank in acting and Punk in WWE.


After months of speculation the two will go glove-to-glove in the first ever fight between boxing legend Mayweather, and MMA hero Conor McGregor.

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