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People believe they've found moment professional poker player allegedly cheated in high-stakes match

People believe they've found moment professional poker player allegedly cheated in high-stakes match

The professional player is accused of using a 'vibrating ring'.

By Callum Jones

Poker fans believe they may have spotted the moment a professional player allegedly used a 'vibrating ring' to cheat in a high-stakes table match. You can watch it here:

The player under the spotlight is Robbi Jade Lew, a newcomer to the sport, who stunned the poker world on Thursday (29 September).

Her rival Garrett Adelstein said he was 'clearly cheated', while it's been suggested Lew was using a hidden device that vibrates to indicate who has the best hand.

Eagle-eyed fans believe they may have spotted the moment that leads to a key clue in the potential cheating scandal.

As the hole cards were revealed, the game took a serious turn as the banter between the pair made an abrupt end.

Adelstein stared silently at Lew for upwards of a minute, with one commentator saying: "It's literally the most disturbed look I've ever seen Garrett give."

Viewers said that Lew became visibly uncomfortable at this point, as she began to fiddle with the rings on her right hand, which included a distinctive red stone on her middle finger.

Just seconds later, after she placed her hand below the table, Lew's ring was no longer visible after she either rotated it or slipped it off.

During the hand, Lew was holding offsuit Jack-four in the hole, with Adelstein holding the seven and eight of clubs. 

The flop came out 10 of hearts, 10 of clubs, nine of clubs, this meant that Adelstein needed any club, jack, or six to achieve a flush or straight for an almost certain win.

Lew called Adelstein for a $2,500 bet, with that turn bringing the three of hearts, which was no help to either player.

Adelstein then went all-in for for $129,000, with a 53 percent change of winning, according to live odds from the broadcast.

Lew's next move stunned the announcers after she called the all-in bet, eventually her Jack-high won the pot.

Lew has reiterated that she did not cheat and has said that she mis-remembered her low hole card as a three, believing the turn gave her a pair of threes.

However, it was later revealed that Lew returned the money she won to Adelstein, which may prove to only fuel any suspicions against the poker player.

Featured Image Credit: Hustler Casino Live

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