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NBA Fan Claims James Harden's Poor Performances Are Linked To Quality Of Strip Clubs

NBA Fan Claims James Harden's Poor Performances Are Linked To Quality Of Strip Clubs

A meticulous Reddit post analysed the Houston Rockets star's performances when playing away from home and related it to strip clubs.

Sunni Upal

Sunni Upal

James Harden's performances in the NBA are directly affected by the quality of strip clubs in the city he's playing, according to an outlandish Reddit post.

One Reddit user broke down the Houston Rockets star's games away from home, and related it to the quality of sleazy bars available.

The 30-year-old has been known for his power scoring, but also his fondness for visiting a strip club or two when he's away from the court.

And a detailed post from someone on Reddit claimed to draw a direct comparison between the quality of strip clubs and Harden's performance in that city.

The research claims that Harden performs well in Toronto because of the city's lack of strip clubs, but fails to scale the heights in Miami.

The method to the madness is explained as follows...

"Poor Performances were determined by variances in 6 stats: Points, FG%, 3PT%, FT%, Assists and Turnovers. For each of these stats I compared Harden's overall season average to the city-specific season average. I identified 2 categories of poor performances," he wrote.

"Sub-Par - Harden performed WORSE than season average, and

"Very Sub-Par - Harden performed 20%+ WORSE than season average.

"I analyzed his poor performances across each of the NBA's 28 different cities (did not look at home games so no Houston, there are 2 teams in LA, and I distinguished between Brooklyn and NYC = 28 cities).

"City Strip Club Rating was determined by the average google review rating for the first 10 strip clubs in each city based on the google search "[CITY] Strip Clubs" (e.g., "Detroit Strip clubs"). Yes, this did involve me making like 30+ searches for strip clubs on my work cpu...

"Finally, I put the City Strip Club Rating into the pivoted game log data, performed a regression analysis and visualised it into charts."

And the results are hard to argue with...

"I have proven, to a statistically significant degree, that James Harden's game performance declines in cities with higher rated strip clubs," he wrote."Correlation Coefficient - r - (between avg strip club rating and total # of sub-par games) = .4575.

"Given the nature of the subject matter, this would be considered a moderate-to-strong correlation.

"Coefficient of Determination - r2 - (between avg strip club rating and total # of sub-par games) = .21.

"This means that James Harden's box score is 20% predictable based on the quality of a city's strip clubs."

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