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Lift your post-game cheers with Hahn: The undisputed champion of the social-sport beers

Lift your post-game cheers with Hahn: The undisputed champion of the social-sport beers

Hahn has perfected the beer for the occasion.

It’s everyone's favourite social sporting pastime - the post-game de-brief over a beverage.

Whether you’ve gone through a grueling 90 minutes of action or the coach has subbed you on for just two minutes because you didn’t turn up to training - at least everyone can get together for a catch-up after the game with a refreshing beer.

And thankfully Hahn has perfected the beer for the occasion.

Picture this: you’ve just given it your all in a heated match, running, sweating, and maybe (probably not) pulling off a few moves that would make LeBron raise an eyebrow.

Now, whether it be a hard-fought win or a heart-shattering loss, you and your teammates can all kick back, share a few laughs, and re-live the highlights over a cold one.


With Hahn, there’s heaps of low carb, great tasting options in their range to enjoy post-game.

With Low Carb at 5% and 3.5% alcohol, Ultra Low Carb and Gluten Free options, you can enjoy that post-game beer, however you want.

And let’s be honest, we all deserve to celebrate our sporting triumphs. Even if we’re really only there because we enjoy the banter at the pub as much as the game itself.

And Hahn is the go-to beer to hit refreshments out of the park without any fancy thrills.

With the Hahn SuperDry Low Carb, it’s that crisp flavour that has been a staple for all Aussie social athletes for over 20 years.

But hey, even if you are there to burn a few calories but still want to enjoy the post-game brew, you’ve got the Ultra Low Carb. A beer that is ultra low in carbs and a perfect refresher.

And to ensure that everyone can indulge, Hahn has brought together the finest gluten-free ingredients for their SuperDry GF beverage - so that every mate can enjoy one post-game.


Whether you’re sinking three-pointers, driving a football top-bins, or smacking the opposition for six, Hahn is the best option for that post-game beer.

Hahn is the undisputed champion of the post-game beer.


Hahn. How Good.

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