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'Gymfluencer' Joey Swoll gets woman's gym membership revoked after she mocked man working out

'Gymfluencer' Joey Swoll gets woman's gym membership revoked after she mocked man working out

Joey Swoll slammed the fitness vlogger.

A woman has lost her gym membership after she mocked a gym-goer following the intervention of 'Gymfluencer' Joey Swoll.

Allie Singer - @the_rippedbarbie on social media - filmed a man who is training topless in the gym without his knowledge.

She went onto make hurtful comments about his appearance while complaining that he was training without a top.

The video didn't go down well online as people condemned Singer's behaviour.

But the fitness vlogger wasn't deterred by the backlash, labelling them as 'keyboard warriors'.

Fitness influencer Swoll, who has previously cooked a Chelsea star, then got involved as he ripped into Singer, addressing the incident.

He began by saying that it was perfectly fine for her to want to go to a gym where you can't work out topless.

However, he then pointed out that this was not that kind of gym.

"Listen, I get it, you want to train at a gym where everyone keeps their shirt on - fine, but this gym isn’t one of them," he said.

"I called Absolute Recomp in Texas, and their rules say you can train with your shirt off, and you signed up there."

So, the gym-goer was within the rules of Absolute Recomp gym.

Swoll continued to slam Singer, criticising her for filming someone in public without consent.

He added: "Therefore you need to follow the rules, including the rule that says you don’t film people without their consent to post on social media - and people tried to tell you this!

"Yet you arrogantly posted your response when they defended this man, and you didn't listen."

Absolute Recomp gym weren't impressed after the incident went viral and took the decision to cancel Singer's membership.

Swoll concluded: "Your membership has been canceled, you need to do better. Mind your own business."

Featured Image Credit: Joey Swoll/Allie Singer

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