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WWE Superstars Sasha Banks And Sami Zayn Out To Prove RAW Is The Leading Brand

WWE Superstars Sasha Banks And Sami Zayn Out To Prove RAW Is The Leading Brand




Sami Zayn and Sasha Banks, two of the most popular superstars on the Raw roster were in the U.K on Wednesday 7th September for a special One Night Only show at the O2 Arena in London.

TheSPORTbible were fortunate enough to attend the event and managed to squeeze in a chat with the two about how they are enjoying the brand split and why Raw, the brand they both to belong to, is where it's at.

Both Banks and Zayn adopt a high-flying, impactful style in the ring - willing to take crazy bumps and manoeuvres for the good of the match and the story being told. That style is exactly what we have seen on display on a regular basis in the Cruiserweight Classic - the 32-man tournament aired on the WWE Network that has wrestling fans salivating at the mouth.

And going forward, the Cruiserweight style will be a key part of Raw's weekly programming - the Cruiserweight division is coming to Monday nights, with several of the stars of the Cruiserweight Classic set to be involved - starting on September 19th.

Former Raw Women's Champion Sasha Banks can't wait for the division to arrive on the Raw brand.

Speaking to theSPORTbible, she said:

"Every time they do the Cruiserweight Classic I always go to Full Sail [University] because it's so good, so exciting and so different. There's something that's just so special about it and it just kind of makes everything come to a whole - there's a shift changing in wrestling and that shift is coming to the WWE with people I used to watch on the indies, you would never see or hear these people or even think that they would be here. It's really cool to see and a lot of these guys I used to watch on the indies and work with them but seeing that they are in WWE and NXT but now coming straight to Raw with the Cruiserweight title, I think that's so cool."

Sami Zayn has become a real fan favourite in WWE thanks to his high-flying style and the fact he wrestles with his heart on his sleeve. He believes the Cruiserweight division being part of Raw is great for all parties and will serve as a great way to keep everyone on their toes and on top of their game.

"I think it's great that Raw got it because it is a three-hour show and three hours is a long time. I think once the Cruiserweights come on it'll have a completely different feel and I think one of the key differences, and it's kind of what made NXT go to the next level, is hunger and you can't replicate it. When you're striving for something and you're hungry for something, you can't replicate it once you're not hungry anymore. It's a very strange thing and you want to hold onto it for as long as possible as a performer, I certainly do because it's that hunger that's going to fuel you and make you better all the time.

"That's what I find most enjoyable about the Cruiserweight Classic and hopefully with the Cruiserweights coming to Raw, is just seeing that hunger and it's going to be very refreshing. That hunger also wakes up people up who have been comfortable and complacent, which I'm not taking shots at anybody but it is inevitable sometimes when your belly's full - it wakes everybody up and I'm really looking forward to it [Cruiserweight division] coming to Raw."

WWE are in the midst of a brand split whereby Raw and Smackdown are going head-to-head each week with distinct rosters, writing teams and storylines. There's something for everyone and Zayn, though he has not had too much going on storyline-wise following his blood-boiling feud with now WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens coming to a halt, feels the extra TV time will give performers like him chances to shine.

"For me personally, it's been a little funny just because my program with Kevin Owens happened to end at the time of the brand split and I kind of feel like I've been a little directionless, I even said it on Raw the other night. You know, because I was in something so intense with Kevin then I'm out of it, it's like "what now?" and eventually something will pop up I'm sure but in theory, the opportunities presented by all this extra TV time with half of the roster taking care of Smackdown on that show, it definitely brings more opportunities for us. In theory, it's great for everybody."

Before Sami and Sasha got geared up for their matches at a sold-out O2 Arena for the Live in London show, there was time to ask the Boss an all-important question about whether, if given the opportunity, she would prefer to have a third match with Bayley to main event Wrestlemania or have a full Four Horsewomen showdown main event the big show in Orlando.

"I'd choose Bayley one-on-one, that's my dream and I feel like if we have that opportunity I can be complete and retire. No more, until the next thing and I'm like "Ok, one more thing!"

That's enough convincing from Sasha that Bayley vs Banks III is the way to go at Wrestlemania, but one thing that is certain is that, if fit and healthy, both Sasha Banks and Sami Zayn will have key roles at Wrestlemania 33 and beyond.

Words by Josh Lawless

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