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Baseball fan's 'douchebag' move goes viral online

Baseball fan's 'douchebag' move goes viral online

The ultimate cardinal sin.

Savage, absolutely savage.

One baseball fan has left the wider sports world outraged after he did the unthinkable during a recent game.

Footage of his act has since gone viral online – and it's easy to see why.

During a break in the play in the Major League Baseball clash between the Washington Nationals and Oakland Athletics, one of the players on the field noticed a bunch of young children in the lower stands.

These kids were calling out for the player to throw them the ball and, without hesitation, the guy duly obliged.

The perfectly-executed throw looked destined to land squarely in one of the girls' baseball gloves – but, as we all now know, that was far from what happened.

Before the kid could catch the ball in her mitt, a middle-aged bloke leaned over and pinched it out of the sky.

A true cardinal sin.

But also, just quietly, what a d**k move.

It's sad to say, but you do often see the worst of mankind at live sporting events – and this, right here, is the creme de la creme.

A woman, now known to be the mother of the distraught young girl, posted footage of the incident online and it instantly blew up.

"Grown man steals baseball from little girl," the original caption read.

"@Nationals can you get Joey Meneses to sign a baseball and send it to my daughter?"

Rather unsurprisingly, the clip started doing the rounds on social media and the man's cruel act left some big-name baseball figures fuming.

Former NBA player Rex Chapman was one of the first to response, tweeting: “What a d**k. I mean come on. The one little girl jumping with excitement nearest the camera when she sees the ball thrown. Damn.”

While MLB journalist Chip Goines added: “I hope that man is fired, divorced, stripped of his kids, and banned from @mlb baseball for life, by the end of the week.”

But it was Lee Goldman take which probably best summed it all up.

“Yet another L for the adults wearing a glove to baseball games,” he joked.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Jomboy

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