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American sports fan goes viral for making a hot dog straw to suck up his beer

Jayden Collins

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American sports fan goes viral for making a hot dog straw to suck up his beer

An MLB fan has gone viral after being captured performing an incredibly odd food hack.

As the New York Yankees were taking on the New York Mets one fan was busy turning a hot dog into a straw and using said straw to drink his beer. 

It looks as ridiculous as it sounds.

The footage was shared online by the Instagram account New York Nico, with the man seen poking a hole through his hot dog with a straw before he then sucks the insides of the hot dog back out through the straw.

The Yankees fan proceeds to pop that hot dog into his full cup of beer and continues on with his day as if he hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary.

So many questions have to be asked.

Firstly, he has a functioning straw right there, why doesn’t he just use that for his beer sipping purposes?

Secondly, who drinks a draught beer with a straw?

Thirdly, and most importantly, why? Just why?

We don’t know whether to classify this man as a genius or a complete nutcase, and fans were just as divided online.

One person quipped: “Yes officer, that guy right there.”

Another said: “All of this is disgusting BUT the sucking the meat out of the straw is some of the nastiest s**t I’ve ever seen.”

Have to agree with them there. 

Whilst one fan seemingly made a promising point in favour of the man’s genius, saying: “This guy is saving the turtles.”

Kudos to him, I guess. 

The Yankees went on to beat the Mets 4-2 that night, but will perhaps be left disheartened as their display wasn’t even the highlight of the game.

On the other hand, the hot dog straw man may have given them some form of luck.

It’s not even the first weird, hot dog-related video to come out of a Yankees game this season.

Earlier this year, one fan went viral after dipping his hot dog into his alcoholic beverage and then eating the soggy bread and sausage.

Yes, that is weird, but it’s not as weird as the hot dog straw. 

Seriously what is in the water over there at Yankee Stadium?

Featured Image Credit: @newyorknico/Instagram.

Topics: US Sports, Baseball

Jayden Collins

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