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Every single player ejected in scary high school football brawl

Every single player ejected in scary high school football brawl

The arena announcer was heard yelling: “Fans, do not jump into this brawl.”

Every player, yes every single player, was sent off during a recent high school football game in America.

The mass ejections was the direct result of a huge all-in brawl which involved players and eventually fans.

The chaotic scenes made for scary viewing as the game was subsequently called off.

According to reports from the Star Telegram, the Texas high school clash between Dallas Roosevelt and Fort Worth Eastern Hills was abandoned with 6 minutes and 44 seconds left on the clock after the two rival teams started throwing hands on the field.

It remains unknown exactly what sparked the fight, although things escalated so quickly that you have to watch the footage at least three or four times to take it all in.

The video posted on social media by Drew Bartley instantly went viral online, racking up almost half-a-million views on YouTube alone.

In the clip, you can see opposition players dropping their helmets and throwing haymakers.

On closer inspection, you can see some of the punches connect pretty heavily.

Other fights then break out as portions of players are mobbed and tackled to the ground.

As the scuffles continue, spectators inside the arena then began jumping over the fence to get involved themselves.

“Fans, do not jump into this brawl,” the announcer yelled over the PA system.

“Security! Security!

“Can we get a trainer on the field for No.9 please? He is hurt.

“We need security out here please.”

One of the players in blue then bizarrely throws a helmet, perhaps one he ripped off the head of an opponent, into the corwd which almost hit the camera.

Chaos would be an understatement.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the melee, although Fort Worth ISD assistant athletic director Dean Pritchett confirmed that every player was ejected from the game.

“The UIL is aware of the incident involving Fort Worth Eastern Hills and Dallas Roosevelt high school students during a football game on Friday September 8, 2022,” the Dallas Independent School District said in a statement, per USA Today.

“The school and the local district executive committee are investigating and have the authority to impose penalties for involved students. The UIL will continue to gather information.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Drew Bartley

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