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Wild brawl erupts between Mali teammates at FIBA Women's World Cup

Wild brawl erupts between Mali teammates at FIBA Women's World Cup

Serbian star Sasa Cado was mid-interview following when two Mali teammates began throwing hands at each other.

An interview at the women’s basketball World Cup erupted into chaos as two teammates locked horns in a furious brawl in front of cameras.

Serbian star Sasa Cado was mid-interview following her country’s 81-68 victory over Mali in Group B when an off-camera altercation could be heard.

Cado’s smiles quickly turned to shock as the camera panned to show two Mali teammates violently throwing hands and brawling with each out.

One player appears to connect multiple times with some body shots before her fellow teammates attempt to separate the pair.

Cado, whose interview was interrupted, looked on helplessly as the Mali team jumped in to break up the bust-up.

Poor Cado, had no idea what to do in that situation. 

Certainly not the best idea to air your grievances whilst multiple cameras are rolling. 

Ironically enough, the official Twitter account for the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup posted about the Mali side’s team chemistry just hours before the bust-up.

They tweeted: “Mali still searching for their first win, but you wouldn’t know it looking at this team chemistry.”

Ah, that definitely didn’t age well.

FIBA confirmed they would launch an investigation into the brawl.

They said: “FIBA acknowledged today that there was an altercation between Mali players in the mixed zone following the Group B game Serbia-Mali at the FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup 2022.

"Following the incident, FIBA has opened an investigation. Once the investigation is concluded, FIBA will decide on any applicable disciplinary measures."

Mali has had a torrid time at the World Cup so far, losing all four of their matches and shipping an average of 90 points per game.

And to make matters even worse, the side is set to face the top team in Group B in the final match - Canada.

Fans will be hoping they show as much fight in that matchup as they did off the court.

Basketball supporters online were left stunned by the footage.

One fan commented: “Well this is new… never seen anything like this.”

Another wrote: “Yeah Mali not having a great time at the FIBA Women’s World Cup.”

A third added: “This is unusual.”

Unusual indeed.

Featured Image Credit: @Basekt_Infos/Twitter.

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