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Lakers star Russell Westbrook gets brutally trolled in crude remark

Lakers star Russell Westbrook gets brutally trolled in crude remark

Russell Westbrook is one of the best point guards of his generation but has struggled since moving to Los Angeles.

NBA star Russell Westbrook has copped a brutal troll from sports analysts Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless which has left fans online in stitches.

The Los Angeles Lakers point guard is one of the best of his generation and one of the most notable names in the league.

However, in recent years Westbrook has struggled since moving to the Los Angeles side, in a position where he isn’t considered the main man. 

dpa picture alliance / Alamy

The Lakers hoped he would be the third piece of their big three alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

But he simply hasn’t been up to the standard in recent times.

His poor form and decline in ability has led to some savage slandering from the likes of FS1 analysts Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless.

The pair were discussing Westbrook’s mammoth fall on CBS Sports’ list of the top 100 NBA players in the league. 

The American fell 60 places to 98th position in the rankings, and well the analyst duo were letting him have it with some pretty crude comments.

Sharpe said: “Russ is that pretty girl you can’t wait to date then you can’t wait to get rid of”

Bayless responded: “He’s like that pretty girl and you wake up next morning and she has no makeup on and you’re like ‘wait a second’.”

Some pretty rough and off-hand comments but they left basketball fans laughing online.

One fan commented: “Skip wrong for that lmao.”

A second wrote: “Bro they cooked and served Westbrook on a silver platter lmao.”

Meanwhile, another fan posted an image of legends Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen with the caption: “Skip and Shannon when it’s time to attack Russ.”

However, some found the schtick a bit old.

One wrote: “This obsession with bashing Russ for almost 12 months straight daily is weirdo energy no matter how bad he played.”

A second agreed: “It’s getting kinda lame now.”

It has been heavily speculated by the likes of CBS Sports that the Lakers were trying to trade the 33-year-old, but were struggling to find suitors.

So for now, Westbrook is getting set for another season with the Lakers, with the NBA star telling ESPN he is ‘all-in’ for this upcoming year.

Featured Image Credit: FS1. dpa picture alliance / Alamy.

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