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Shaquille O'Neal cops a right hook from Hasbulla after meeting in Australia

Shaquille O'Neal cops a right hook from Hasbulla after meeting in Australia

It's the modern-day David and Goliath story we didn't know we needed or wanted.

NBA icon Shaquille O'Neal has copped a right hook from 19-year-old Russian internet sensation Hasbulla Magomedov as they met up in Australia.

A modern-day David against Goliath meeting, the seven-foot-one ex-basketballer and the three-foot-four influencer were filmed making some hilarious content and having some general fun together.

The duo were both in Australia for their respective talking tours.

Hasbulla, who is known for having a spicy and very short temper, was seen tapping Shaq on the shoulder before swinging is arm and body back to land a mighty punch right on the athlete's face.

"Hasbulla almost knocked me," the Basketball Hall of Famer wrote on social media.

The enormous sporting legend then laughed it off because, hey - it's probably quite hard to be sad when you're zipping around Sydney Harbour on a yacht with some of the world's most interesting folk.

The surprise punch comes after the Russian personality told his followers he was going to fight the former Los Angeles Lakers star on social media.

And it seems he is a man that keeps his word. Respect.

That also didn't stop the tiny yet fierce internet sensation to keep ribbing Shaq online.

"Australia has been great," he wrote. "Shaq isn’t even that tall."

As well as meeting with Hasbulla, Shaq used his time Down Under to lend his support to the campaign for an Indigenous voice to parliament at the weekend.

He met with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney on Saturday (August 27).

"Whatever you need from me, just let me know," the NBA star told Albanese, as per 7 News. “Shaq loves Australia.”

O’Neal’s support will form part of a broader strategy to engage people in the lead-up to a referendum on enshrining an Indigenous voice in the constitution.

"Shaq has agreed to do some (videos) and to have a chat about the importance of bringing people together, and that’s really what the voice to parliament and constitutional recognition is about," Mr Albanese said.

"He is a global figure, he’s a big figure in all ways."

After meeting the PM and Hasbulla, Shaq has now left Australia.

We can only assume the man, previously labelled the best basketballer of all time, fled amid fears Hasbulla would attack again.

"I’m gonna miss you Australia," he wrote on Twitter, while wearing what appears to be a Crocodile Dundee replica hat.

Featured Image Credit: SHAQ/Twitter.

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