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"It’s crazy" - Joe Rogan stunned by what UFC legend did to opponent who was 100 pounds heavier than him

"It’s crazy" - Joe Rogan stunned by what UFC legend did to opponent who was 100 pounds heavier than him

UFC commentator Joe Rogan could not believe what he was watching

Joe Rogan described footage of an ex-UFC champion as ‘crazy’ after witnessing him navigate a huge weight disadvantage.

Not since the early days of the UFC have fighters fought at different weights while in competition.

In their third event in the promotion’s history, jiu-jitsu legend Royce Gracie shocked the world when he submitted Kimo Leopoldo at UFC 3 despite weighing 74 pounds less than his opponent - in current weight divisions, Gracie would be just above welterweight while Leopoldo would be battling at heavyweight.

The UFC rarely books catchweight fights anymore unless a fighter misses weight, but open weight tournaments are still extremely common in other martial arts competitions.

Many former and current UFC fighters compete outside of the famous Octagon in other sports, particularly jiu-jitsu.

Footage went viral this week of ex-UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson facing off in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition, forcing his opponent to tap out despite weighing 100 pounds less than his fellow competitor which left Rogan stunned.

“How crazy is that?" Rogan said on The Joe Rogan Experience. "Mighty Mouse took on a guy who is 250-pounds in a jiu-jitsu tournament and he tapped him.

“The dude was heavier than him by 100 pounds. The dude was enormous, he was so much bigger than him. He’s great at everything.

“Look at the size difference. Look at how big that dude is.

“Mighty Mouse is so slick. He manages to stay on top which is really crazy. It’s crazy that he couldn’t get him off him.

“That’s technique. Pretty wild. He’s still doing MMA, he’s still doing high level MMA fighters.”

Johnson enjoyed a stellar career in the UFC, winning the inaugural flyweight championship and defending the belt a record 11 times. He is currently tied with Jon Jones for most successful title defenses in the promotion’s history.

As a result, Rogan believes he is one of the greatest to ever compete in the sport.

“He’s probably the best ever,” he added. “In terms of just pure martial arts technique.

“I think the best expression of martial arts technique is Mighty Mouse.”

Johnson is the current flyweight champion in combat sports promotion ONE Championship and last fought in May 2023.

Featured Image Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience/Demetrious Johnson YouTube

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