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Joe Rogan keeps turning down his most requested podcast guest, it would break the internet

Joe Rogan keeps turning down his most requested podcast guest, it would break the internet

Joe Rogan has gone on record to say he has had a number of offers but does not have the desire to do the podcast.

Joe Rogan keeps turning down his most requested podcast guest despite the huge clamour to make it happen.

'The Joe Rogan Experience' is quite possibly the biggest podcast in the world and pulls in 11 million listens per episode on average.

Rogan signed a lucrative and exclusive $100 million deal with Spotify in 2020 and is known for having an array of guests from all walks of life on his show.

But there's one particular person who the 55-year-old continues to reject. A new report claims Donald Trump’s circle are lobbying for him to appear on the JRE podcast.

The 45th president is an avid listener of the podcast and wants to sit down with UFC commentator Rogan, with his camp regularly reaching out.

A good portion of his audience are Trump supporters but Rogan has distanced himself, one even calling him a "man-baby" on his podcast and revealing his refusal to talk with him on air.

“I’m not a Trump supporter in any way, shape or form,” Rogan told Lex Fridman recently.

“I’ve had the opportunity to have him on my show more than once. I’ve said no every time. I don’t want to help him. I’m not interested in helping him.”

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Rogan and Trump did shake hands at UFC 290 in Las Vegas earlier this month and his team have not given up on the idea of a podcast appearance, which they predict would be "incredible".

“The mere discussion of Donald Trump on a blockbuster podcast like Joe Rogan builds a remarkable audience,” a Trump adviser told The Daily Beast.

“Perhaps the only person bigger in the new media world than Joe Rogan is Donald Trump and the whole idea that the two of them would be together at long last — it would be an incredible audience.”

Incredibly, the report states one of Trump's closest long-time advisers, Roger Stone, wants to face Rogan in a UFC-style cage-match in a bid to make the episode happen.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

He's even gone on record to say, "I can definitely take him", revealing he goes on the heavy bag every Saturday for 60 minutes.

Trump recently appeared on the popular "Full Send" podcast with Canadian YouTube crew the NELK Boys for a second time.

The first appearance was removed 24 hours after it went live on YouTube and accrued 6 million views.

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