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Joe Rogan wears traditional Kazakh headdress while interviewing Shavkat Rakhmonov

Joe Rogan wears traditional Kazakh headdress while interviewing Shavkat Rakhmonov

You love to see it!

Joe Rogan and Daniel were left in awe of Shavkat Rakhmonov's performance as he secured a final round submission victory over Geoff Neal at UFC 285.

Speaking on the microphone throughout the fight, the co-commentators were full of praise for the undefeated welterweight contender.

But Rogan went a step further than a few kind words, showing the fighter some true love by donning a traditional Kazakh headdress while interviewing him.

Rogan has never shied away from wearing various garments from different cultures.

Most notably, he wore Khabib Nurmangomedov's Russian headdress during a number of weigh-ins where the Dagestani ex-champ was present.

This time, though, he has paid homage to Rakhmonov by wearing a headdress from his respective nation.

Upon seeing it, fans flocked to social media to heap praise on the legendary commentator – they were absolutely loving it.

“It’s a traditional Kazakh headdress that our ancestors used to wear during the wintertimes to keep themselves warm,” Rahkmonov told the The MMA Hour last year.

“Myself, I feel like it’s a very beautiful headdress, and wearing it, I get to represent my roots, represent my culture and tradition. Traditionally this headdress is usually made up out of a wolf or fox skin.

“When I was getting ready for my UFC debut, I got it as a gift. I got the national flag and this headdress. I wanted to buy it myself, but then when people found out that I wanted to walk out with the headdress, they gave me it as a gift.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/UFC/ESPN

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