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Footage resurfaces of Dana White reacting to fighter get knocked out after handing him life-time UFC ban

Footage resurfaces of Dana White reacting to fighter get knocked out after handing him life-time UFC ban

Dana White was cageside for Nick Diaz's victory over Paul Daley.

Dana White's reaction to the slug-fest between Nick Diaz and Paul Daley sums up how legendary the fight was back in 2011.

Daley signed for Strikeforce after he was released from the UFC following White's ruthless decision.

The UFC chief cut Daley after his unforgivable act against Josh Koscheck in their UFC 113 fight.

Daley subsequently joined Strikeforce and landed a title shot following his explosive victory over Scott Smith.

He took on Diaz and they went to war. Daley dropped the champion but was unable to secure victory.

The British star succumbed to Diaz and was stopped with just three seconds left on the clock.

White watched on from cageside and couldn't believe what he was witnessing as he cut a priceless reaction to the result.

Sat next to his former business partner Lorenzo Fertitta, White was stunned when Daley floored Diaz.

He then got out of his seat when Diaz peppered Daley's body with brutal shots.

"Holy sh*t," White said as Diaz claimed victory over Daley. "Holy sh*t," he said once again as he looked down the camera.

As fondly as the fight is remembered by MMA fans and critics alike, Daley isn't a fan of it himself.

"I don’t like it," he explained. "I lost the fight, and I know I could fight better than that. The game plan went out the window.

"We were prepared for Nick, but he does get a hold of you when he starts talking sh*t, especially with me, I’m a reactive person and the guy’s talking whatever he’s talking in the cage. Just make sure to swing. Forget the leg kicks and start swinging. The kicking was the plan, but it went as it went."

Daley's famous clash against Diaz wasn't the only big fight he landed after being let go by the UFC.

He faced Tyron Woodley in his next appearance and was also matched up against the likes of Rory MacDonald, Lorenz Larkin, Jon Fitch and Michael 'Venom' Page, among others, before calling time on his career.

Featured Image Credit: Dana White/Getty

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