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UFC boss Dana White's X-rated reaction after presenter mistakes him for Joe Rogan during interview

UFC boss Dana White's X-rated reaction after presenter mistakes him for Joe Rogan during interview

Dana White was mistaken for his UFC colleague Joe Rogan

UFC president Dana White couldn't believe it after being called Joe Rogan twice during a podcast appearance.

Veteran US sports broadcaster Sage Steele launched her new podcast 'The Sage Steele Show' with an appearance from the UFC's top boss.

White flew in from Las Vegas to appear on the inaugural episode but was left bemused after being mistaken for his long-time friend and colleague Rogan.

The ex-Fear Factor host has been a mainstay in the UFC since it's inception, providing colour commentary on some of the biggest fights in the promotion's history as well as helping the sport of mixed-martial-arts clean up it's image.

Early in the show, Steele addressed White as 'Joe' but her mishap seemingly went unnoticed until she made the exact same blunder in a manner she could not escape from.

For her last question, she asked the UFC president: "What is Joe Rogan's dream?" White was immediately taken aback before Steele realised her mistake and corrected her error.

White said: "Did you just think I was Joe Rogan?!

"She just called me f--kin' Joe Rogan! You just called me f--kin' Joe Rogan!"

The pair laughed off the encounter and White even admitted he is regularly mistaken for the legendary podcast host when meeting UFC fans around the world. He couldn't resist one jibe though stating: "I was bald before Joe was ever bald, okay?"

Later on in the day, the incident would come full circle as White posted a story to his official Instagram page, suggesting he had been pulled over by the police while driving. White took a selfie with a police car in the background with it's lights currently on.

He captioned the post: "I hope they think I'm Joe Rogan," while tagging Steele in the post.

The 54-year-old provided no further clarification on his encounter with the police but he was clearly in good spirits over the now viral incident.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/The Sage Steele Show - Getty Images

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