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Conor McGregor’s latest social media post leaves fans completely confused ahead of UFC 303 return

Conor McGregor’s latest social media post leaves fans completely confused ahead of UFC 303 return

McGregor is known for his confusing antics on social media, but this could top the lot.

Conor McGregor has stunned fans with a 'new hobby' as he shares bizarre social media post ahead of his UFC return in June.

McGregor's comeback was officially confirmed by UFC president Dana White at the post-fight press conference for UFC 300.

The much-anticipated fight will occur at welterweight, ending months of speculation. This marks McGregor's return to competition since 2021 when he sustained a broken ankle in the third round.

McGregor underwent surgery following his injury against Poirier and has a metal rod implanted in his leg. However, in classic McGregor fashion, the Irishman has threatened to use this as a weapon in future UFC fights, beginning with Chandler.

Describing himself as "Terminator," McGregor explained: "I have a Titanium rod that goes into the knee and down to the bone, right down to my ankle."

He continued: "It’s unbreakable, I wish for and I will work for landing this kick with this steel bar in my leg against an opponent and get them out of there."

McGregor has officially started his preparation and footage of the former double champ training has recently surfaced.

While sparring may be an expected part of McGregor's camp, his latest social media post has baffled fans as he was seen engaging in 'tree hugging.'

McGregor was seen walking barefoot through a wooded park before giving the first tree he saw a massive hug.

"Little walk through the park to the gym," McGregor said.

“I’ve been hugging the trees lately, it’s a nice little feeling yea.

"The ground and the trees, all of this nature stuff it feels really good," He surprisingly explained.

While McGregor is known for surprising his fans with his lifestyle, becoming this in touch with nature probably wasn't on many people's bingo cards.

Hugging trees certainly doesn't win you fights, but considering how concerned fans were during his press tour for Roadhouse the 35-year-old certainly looks in a better place.

Featured Image Credit: @TheNotoriousMMA

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