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Eddie Hall gets dropped by Russian fighter's brutal head kick while training for MMA debut

Eddie Hall gets dropped by Russian fighter's brutal head kick while training for MMA debut

Eddie Hall announced his decision to enter the world of MMA back in October

Eddie Hall was brutally dropped by a Russian fighter during training for his MMA debut.

Back in October, Hall announced he would make his MMA debut against Mitchell Hooper in Qatar next month.

The event is set to be promoted by Finishers Championship, who said on their website: “Get ready for the fight event you’ve been waiting for. Launching 2024.

“Top MMA fighters settling the score on unfinished business. 12 match eliminator. $300 million USD prize money. Celebrities. Royalty.”

While training for his MMA debut, Hall was brutally dropped by a 6ft 9in Russian fighter.

As Hall leant towards his right, the Russian launched a devastating head kick which sent the Englishman tumbling to the floor.

Hall, who was named the world’s strongest man in 2017, swiftly got back up on his feet and received an apology from his opponent.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Hall said: “I was pre-warned that he was a bit of a lethal weapon.

“I was very cautious with this guy, didn't want to attack him, to be honest, just wanted to feel each other out.”

He added: “Wait and see, I get a nice little kick to the face in a second.”

After accepting the apology from the Russian, Hall said: “That's OK. That was a good one! F*** my life, someone could have told me about that back leg. B******!”

Over the last couple of years, Hall underwent a body transformation that saw him lose more than six stone.

Writing on Instagram back in January 2022, he wrote: “5kg / 11lbs on over the Xmas weekend!!! Weighed in at 163kg today and fair to say the run was a little harder this morning but training legs was a breeze.

“My nutritionist said I could eat and drink whatever I wanted…. Well after a year of chicken, rice and veg I think my body and mind needed it!”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@eddiehallwsm

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