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Video of Dana White explaining the rules of 'Power Slap' described as 'the most tone deaf thing ever'

Video of Dana White explaining the rules of 'Power Slap' described as 'the most tone deaf thing ever'

The poorly-timed release of the video has sparked outrage among some fans.

Dana White and the UFC have come under fire for releasing a video titled 'Time to Learn the Rules of Power Slap'.

Power Slap, set to rival the Slap Fighting Championships, the UFC's newest arm and was recently launched by Dana White and Co late last year.

But it seems the untimely release of the explanation video happens to coincide with an ugly incident which the UFC president has become embroiled in over the past few weeks.

Now fight fans are calling him out over bit.

During a drunken argument on New Year's Eve, White was captured on camera slapping his wife at a club.

Footage of the incident surfaced online and White faced huge backlash, leading to an apology statement as well as an address at a press conference.

The UFC president wasn't punished for his action, sparking more outrage among fans.

But it appears one of the promotions latest social media clips has rubbed people up the wrong way even more.

The UFC posted a video titled 'Time to Learn the Rules of Power Slap' where it features 'Power Slap Founder' White explaining the rules of the sport.

Given the recent events that unfolded between White and his wife, fans found the poorly-timed release of the clip ironic and were quick to call the UFC out over it.

On Twitter, one user said: "Dana White un-ironically putting out a video explaining the rules of "Power Slap" is the most tone deaf thing I have seen in years."

On YouTube, where the original video lives, it was the same story as viewers weighed in.

One bloke commented: "Hearing Dana read off the rules is top-notch comedy."

As another added: "If anyone knows the rules of a power slap, surely it's Dana!"

While a third said: "It was really generous of Dana and his wife to demonstrate the rules of this competition for us."

Meanwhile, others were already crowning him the 'undisputed champion' of his new sport.

Following the UFC Vegas 67 event on the weekend, White responded to critics of his lack of punishment.

“The only thing that matters is my personal life. What else is there?” White said in the post-fight press conference.

“I told you, I was going to leave in 2016 with the sale. Could’ve sat out during COVID. What should my punishment be? And you say, ‘There’s going to be repercussions in your personal life, but none in your professional life.’ But what matters other than my personal life? Nothing. Nothing matters except for my personal life. This is great, love doing it. Don’t have to do it.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/UFC

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