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Conor McGregor claims fighters betting their purse against each other is 'stupid' as it 'never happens'

Conor McGregor claims fighters betting their purse against each other is 'stupid' as it 'never happens'

Fighters betting their entire purse has become common place in influencer fights involving the likes of Jake Paul.

Conor McGregor has come out firing against the notion of fighters betting their entire purse against each other.

Earlier this week boxing stars Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia claimed they were going all-in for this weekend’s super fight.

The pair confronted each other through Instagram Live because that’s apparently how boxing promotion is done these days.

Davis was talking to streamer Kai Cenat when Garcia joined the chat from his car, trading a series of insults before challenging each other to a bold bet.

Davis asked Garcia if he wanted to put the whole purse on the line, to which the 24-year-old agreed.

It’s the same sort of negotiations that have become custom in influencer-style fights and in particular, anything involving Jake Paul.

However, according to Conor McGregor, it’s all part of the show and never actually ends up happening anyway.

The Irishman took aim at those types of bets in the fight game claiming that those who decide to step into the ring or Octagon deserve to keep their money regardless of the result.

He tweeted: “Has any competing fighters bet their purse against each other and then followed [through]? We should stop doing this.

“Fighting is tough. It can go any way. Luck plays a hell of a part. Don’t be saying you are betting your fight purse against each other. Because it never happens.

“And it’s stupid. Train hard. Fight hard. Earn your dough. And then enjoy it. God bless.”

One MMA made the daring request for the Notorious to make that sort of bet with Michael Chandler ahead of the two facing off at some stage this year.

The Irishman had a reasonable explanation as to why he wouldn’t be doing this, and to be fair, it seems like he was looking out for his opponents as well as himself.

He replied: “I make substantially more than everyone on the roster combined so it’s not feasible. I could bet a portion, however.

“But it’s ridiculous, and no. This game, and the longer you are in it, gets tougher and tougher. I’m keeping my hard-earned money for my loved ones.”

Pretty level-headed from Mystic Mac.

I mean, we’re still waiting to hear whether Jake Paul ever did give his whole purse to Tommy Fury after making that bet.

Funny how talk of that died down after he lost.

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