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15 police turn up to Muay Thai gym after trainer's Apple Watch accidentally calls cops

15 police turn up to Muay Thai gym after trainer's Apple Watch accidentally calls cops

He was simply shouting out a '1, 1, 2' punch combination to his client when Siri mistook it for an emergency services phone number.

A personal trainer and Muay Thai teacher from Australia had the morning from hell when 15 heavily-armed police turned up to his gym at the crack of dawn.

34-year-old Jamie Alleyne, who works for PTJ Gladesville in Sydney, was attending to his first client of the day when more than a dozen coppers rocked up out of nowhere.

With no apparent danger in sight, Jamie was eager to know why the old bill were called, which was when they informed him that they'd received warnings of 'gun shots' coming from none other than Jamie's own Apple Watch.

Yes, his Apple Watch.

Incredibly, while giving instructions to his client, his smart device activated Siri and it accidentally called the police.

It's understood Jamie was simply shouting out a '1, 1, 2' punch combination to his client before praising them by saying 'good shot', which was when Siri mistook it for an Emergency Services phone number.

“I heard someone come in and I looked around and noticed it was a police officer. I said, ‘Hey there mate, can I help you?’” Jamie told Newscorp.

“He walked inside and said they received a call about gun shots.

“I was thinking ‘Oh God’ and I told him I hadn’t heard anything.

"Next minute about 15 officers including undercovers showed up, with several ambulances parked out the front, and that’s when I started bricking myself.

“All of them came in and I was like, ‘What is going on?’ One of them asked who Jamie Avery-or something was and I said, ‘I am Jamie Alleyne.’

“He told me I was the one who made the call which was impossible because I didn’t even have my phone on me.”

According to the publication, one of the officers on the scene told him to scroll through his dialled numbers.

Upon checking, Jamie realised one call was dialled out to '112', which is actually another number for Emergency Services in New South Wales.

Jamie then admitted he was wearing his Apple Watch while holding pads for his client.

“I ended up taking off my watch because it was uncomfortable and also Siri kept popping up and during that time I was yelling out combos,” he said.

“The button is on the side of the watch and if it is pressed down for long enough, Siri is activated and in that time I must have yelled out ‘1-1-2’, it called emergency and they heard the impact of the pads and me saying ‘good shot’ or ‘nice shot’.”

It was those terms which made police spring into action and arrive on Jamie's doorstep at 7.45am.

Despite the confusion, and probably slight embarrassment, the personal trainer was quick to heap praise on the local law enforcement.

“They were out here so fast – their response time was amazing and I commend them for that – but thankfully it wasn’t anything serious,” Jamie added.

“I was extremely apologetic and as a joke one of the officers said, ‘You have to fight one of us now,’ and I laughed and said, ‘It’s not going to be you, you big unit’.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/jamie_alleyne

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